Wednesday, March 2

mid-century sofa

i try not to do too much upholstery. it's just not really my thing. but sometimes.... i just can't say no.

when a friend sent me a picture of this broken couch on the street, i dropped everything and ran over to pick it up.

new foam, a few very solid repairs and i love it so much i had to set it free (my family would have destroyed it and broken my heart ;) )

look at that design- mmmmmmmmmmm.

the fabric is from ikea.

even the back is sexy.


Jake said...

two questions:

1.has anyone pounced on it yet? much?

jake and jill

carpenter ant said...

hi jake! next time i'll let you guys get first dibs ;)

Dar said...

wow - this is fantastic!

Miranda said...

Fabulous piece, fabulous choice of fabric (LOVE IKEA fabs) and a beautiful rescue job!

bevinleslie said...

that fabric says "sit here!!!" love it!

Darla said...

that is RAD?? I love it! What an incredible couch. Wish I could upholster.

Darla said...

Meant to say, "that is RAD!!"..don't know why I used ? marks.