Monday, November 23

ironing board

turned into a coffee table! not that i never iron but..... i never iron.

i took off the base, stained it, and put it back on so that it adjusted lower. i used a liming wax on the top and added some upholstery tacks to give it some flair.

Friday, November 20

6 chairs

6 chairs for the table- the last two are still waiting to be found.

they needed some tlc.
but refinished with brown leather and liming wax they are quite handsome.

hope you have a great weekend!

Thursday, November 19

farm table

this table is a custom job for family that has been long in the works. they needed to buy a house. i needed to reclaim some wood.

the finished product is the largest piece of furniture i've ever built from scratch & it's my new favorite.

reclaimed chestnut and pine.

porch posts i've been hoarding for this project since the spring- old growth poplar.

this is a table for thanksgiving!
(i'll post the chairs tomorrow)

Wednesday, November 18

botanical inspiration

on my jog today- with my arms full of seed pods and dead weeds- someone told me i looked like a harbinger of fall. that was much nicer than what they could have called me (i'm not a pretty jogger) with my bed head and pink sweatshirt you could easily think i'm crazy if you saw me.
but i am just in love with the way plants look this time of year. before they are crushed by snow and ice. after all the foliage has fallen.
this is some serious inspiration for the months ahead.

Tuesday, November 17

radio cabinet

mm mmm mmmm this radio cabinet......

so so so lovely

i picked this up at an auction for a $1- and all the folks there thought i was crazy.

i cut the front panel out and turned it into a door. removed the peeling veneer from the top, took out the old radio and cleaned up the inside.

jusin brown added this great vintage burlap and painted it my current favorite: turquoise.

a true re-cycling.

Friday, November 13

twist today!

yippee! twist is here! today from 6-9 and tomorrow from 10-6. it's going to be a blast- dj beats, adult beverages and crafty crafts- what could be better than that?!

come visit me there- you won't be disappointed!

Thursday, November 12


some of the new jewlery/ key/ whatever hooks.

i got some invaluable help from intern robyn goodmark- not to mention wonderful company.

this is a creation of intern caitlin driscoll. it's great to see what someone else sees in shop scraps.

Wednesday, November 11

twist jewels

busy busy preparing for twist!

freshwater pearls and copper

freshwater pearls, copper and czech glass

sterling loops and faceted brass beads

freshwater pearls, turquoise, brass, and czech glass.

lock washers, czech glass, and brass beads.

Friday, November 6

poplar top

i really wish i had taken a before of this next picture. i retrieved it from a dumpster full of old barn debris.

it's well over a hundred years old, and it's rough finish just needed a little tweaking. making the drawers open and close smoothly was another matter....
i also added a new poplar top because this is a custom piece and it needed to go in front of an electric baseboard. the new top allows it to push right up to the wall and also gives a nice clean surface so it can be used in their kitchen.

i don't normally post pics of my smaller work, but since i'll be focusing on knobs and jewelry and coasters and key hooks for twist, i won't have anything to show next week if i don't! so here's a pic of some new knobs.... and there are LOTS more to come.

Thursday, November 5


Yea! it's twist time! nov 13th and 14th- friday 6to9 and sat 10to6 at the northampton center for the arts.
this is definitely northampton's coolest craft fair- and thats saying something since we're a crafty kind of town!

something especially special about this year is the twist pop-up store. located on the second floor of thornes in downtown noho it will be open from now until the end of december.
it's the place i plan on doing a good bulk of my holiday shopping this year. it's has work from lots of the crafty folks who will be at twist as well as other talented artists.

not to mention some upcycled furniture from moi.

hope to see you at the fair!

Tuesday, November 3

turquoise taxidermy

the house i grew up in was owned by a taxidermist before we lived there. he built an addition for his favorite pieces and left a hawk in the attic for my childhood delight/ torment.

there is also a genetic predisposition i can't ignore.

but without the turquoise paint this was too much, even for me.

rough sawn coffee table with black iron pipe legs. i love knowing my mill man.