Friday, July 31

a trade

todays piece was a custom job for scott tulay the talented artist of the work below.
an artist turned architect turned artist... his drawings are done with charcoals and pastels. now this lovely work of art graces the wall in our living room.

and these tables are about to find a place in his home. 

Thursday, July 30


this table is a new piece by the very talented justin brown.

i love it! it's like a package that's been sent internationally- more than once.

Wednesday, July 29

jolyn fry

we just got back from portland and it's so bittersweet to be home. and also humid- very very humid.
i haven't had a chance to complete any projects yet, but i did want to share the work of a very talented friend- jolyn fry

these are from the 'heart will not hide series'. at 3'x5' i can only tell you that they are very powerful in person.

i'll have a couple new projects to show tomorrow for sure- even if they're not mine!

Thursday, July 23

Portland! (part 2)

I love this city! a few more inspiring design ideas....

why yes, I'd love to eat here! (por que no? n mississippi)

who knew pressboard could look so good! (vegan BBQ ne alberta)

I wouldn't mind a light fixture like this! (the observatory, se stark)

sorry for all the ! but I can't help it. this city makes me extra enthusiastic.

Wednesday, July 22


my family is on vacation in portland, OR our old stomping grounds (fun!)

so i'll be posting fun inspiring ideas instead of projects for the rest of this week. because this place is just bursting!

simple and perfect. (the observatory, se stark)

as a door lover- well, you can probably imagine how I felt. (por que no? se hawthorne)

pretty cute.... (next to the detour, se division)

not a bad place to wait for a table. (the detour, se division)

Tuesday, July 21

blue table

I'm loving this little cutie.

but boy oh boy- getting that paper flat and protected- no easy task!

Friday, July 17

hugo guinness

the carving in this before and after was inspired by hugo guinness. i've been looking at his images non-stop this week and decided to pay homage on this piece.

no saving this veneer..... as you can see.

Wednesday, July 15

kitchen chairs

a little paint and fabric turned these mis-matched chairs into a perfect set.

these chairs were in the back of the shop for so long before i realized they belonged together!

Monday, July 13

red rocker

this rocker makes me want a porch where you can watch a summer thunderstorm roll in...... well to be honest, i've wanted a porch like that for a long time- but this would be the perfect rocker for a porch like that!

i adore this fabric- you can expect to see it on other projects right away. perhaps tomorrow even.

the paint just need a the chips sanded off and a coat of poly to stop any further flaking. 

Friday, July 10


these tables were near perfect when they came to me. with some gentle elbow grease i was able to take the old veneer off to reveal these great tops. i added a little stencil and voila!

like two matching puzzle pieces in the same box. not in a frustrating way, in a holy cow! way.

and a new door table with very sexy legs.

Thursday, July 9

not productive

I wouldn't say that I've been slacking exactly... more like enjoying the summer! but I do have a couple things today, and I will definitely have more tomorrow.

fun little side table...

I love the crackle the paint highlighted. clearly i'm back in a blue green phase.

Friday, July 3

yellow velvet

there's something about the phrase 'yellow velvet'..... scrumptious!

this is the most comfortable settee i've ever worked on- and the rocker's not too shabby either.

the ghastly before.... was something nesting in there? maybe.

which is why all the guts had to be removed and disposed! new webbing, springs stitched in place, then tied. canvas on top of springs, 4" foam, cotton batting, and... yellow velvet.

these griffins are wood inlay... not painted, carved and inlayed..... talk about amazing craftmanship.

have a great 4th of july- may you see fireworks!

Thursday, July 2


i've been working on a bigger project all week, and i will have pics for y'all tomorrow. (it's a GREAT transformation). but for today here's this modified lamp shade.....

i cut out these birds from an ikea fabric, modpodged them in place, and hot glue-gunned the rick-rack in a branch-ish pattern.

this was such a fun project! i'm looking forward to making more lampshades.