Sunday, December 28


good morning, or is it afternoon.... i'm stealing a brief moment between visitors this holiday (time when i should be cleaning and doing laundry) and there's so much to do i thought- i should post to my blog! here's a few recent pics- but i didn't get much done last week... i mean, it IS  the holidays.
i had nothing to do with this buliding, (that is not my ad design) but i love that building, and it was so snowy, and it is made of bricks....

the last shot of the couch before it was whisked away.... i'll miss you little seat!

flea market chairs before....

and after! there still waiting for a little 'fun' paint touch. i'll post again when they're totally done.

the full set of four.

little table before....

and after.

Friday, December 19

snow day

more new stuff! i've been really slacking on my before pics, so next week i'll be sure to include some. i've got some great projects waiting for me downstairs, and they will be great transformations. anyhoo, here is what i've been working on in the last week or so. i missed a couple of pieces that came in and went right back out before i had time to take a picture. too bad i work alone... there's no one to blame!
newly fabulous book shelf. i am really loving this piece- i have a real soft spot for doors and windows.

close up of the hardware- parrot knob and all.

there is a fourth shelf on the bottom that i couldn't photograph well (alden, i need you!) but i love this piece for all the hidden storage it provides. one of my favorite things.

the presidential desk (thats a map of chicago), it sold in minutes practically, but i'm lucky he won't be picking it up for a couple of weeks.

flower detail close up.

the whole desk, in all it's splendor.

sorry these pics are so crappy! i should have taken the table out of the window to photograph it, but thats not really my style. it would be my style for someone else to take it out of the window to photograph- and then blog about it. 

detail shot.  it's hard to tell, but it's another parrot knob.

detail of le ruler table. so cute!

too bad i already have a sewing table.... this is too perfect.

the fancy lady chair. this is the first piece that really reflects a small pool of creative talent. my original plan was to do the whole chair in blue, but after working on the cushion....or should i say struggling...... i was no happy with the look, but i was lucky enough to have some other creative thinkers suggest pairing it with the blue/brown silk. after adding the green button. i love it!

have fun in the snow!

Saturday, December 6

new artists!.... and other stuff

hi! things are moving along at sticks and bricks. new artists, great feedback, and even selling a few things. today as i was working in the shop, i imagined how it will be someday- full of crafty people making, buying and selling things. part of me can't wait until it's bustling, but i'm sure when it is i'll miss having the whole store to myself.

lisa's art on the wall and looking lovely.

a new coat rack inspired by barb at knack studios.

     a little bird pillow

some of mia's one of a kind prints

dana's fantabulous prints

dana's orignal touch paintings

helen's beaded earrings. sorry the pic doesn't capture them better- you'll just have to come see them in person!

new yellow side table

the kermit stool, right before it was packed up for it's trip to PA.

oh, and check out some lovely photos- of sticks and bricks and other interesting things at  she is a talented lady!

Wednesday, December 3

wowee! sticks and bricks in northampton ma is open! and it's already starting to feel like the artists collabratiorium it will become. open wed-sat 12-5. come on by if you're in the area!
the new sign!
right window display... for now...
left window display- chair tower
new letter desk
two seater from an old twin bead frame. unfortunately the computer ate the before pics, but it was a serious transformation.
mini sideboard.

holiday pom-pom display. thanks mema!