Friday, March 25


this bench was made from an old headboard i've had for forever. thanks to some much needed reorganization in the workshop i didn't have room to store it anymore.

i cut the top off the posts (before i took this picture)

and used them as the bottom of the front legs. the square part is from another bed. the side rails are from wood that was kicking around the shop. the arms are from a broken windsor chair. and the seat is made from flooring scrap left over at the roost.

the pillows are old coffee bean bags.

put all together they make a handsome & sturdy bench.


Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Like pieces of a divine puzzle!
Love it. It says 'stylish'

Carol Blackburn said...

Really neat stuff you make. Glad I stumbled in for a peek.

Miranda said...


sticksandbricksjustin said...

thanks so much everyone!

Anonymous said...

My friend and I were just in the shop last week and I fell in love with that bench!! It's gorgeous.