Friday, December 31


i had so much fun making this birdhouse. it was a gift for some dear friends. they have this gorgeous old pine tree in their backyard that they want to hang lots of places for birds to roost.

i used a bunch of wood we had around the shop along with some old finials i had laying about waiting for a new life.

i hinged it for easy cleaning at the end of the season and treated it with some flat all-weather poly. i think you will be seeing more of these come spring!

Thursday, December 30

carver side table

look! i remembered the before picture ;-)

this sweet little side table was a great little project. i am currently in love with this new green we have at the shop. maybe it's helping ward off the winter doldrums!

it was just calling for a poem. i went again with one of my favorites, raymond carver's the best time of the day.

Wednesday, December 29

wall mounted jewelry case

phew! we made it through all of the holiday madness relatively unscathed. lots of celebrating with family and friends, followed by a bit of a holiday snowstorm.

before the holiday, we had a customer present us with a challenge. we accepted with excitement! the project was a wall mounted jewelry case. we constructed a box out of hardwood and used this old window as the door. we replaced the top pane of glass with mirror on both sides and papered the other two panes.

inside there is all sorts of storage for all of the family jewels!

some nails and hooks to hang necklaces with some shelves below for bracelets and other things.

and a place to hang all of your earrings! we think there will be some more of these. it was a super fun project!

Monday, December 20


we are in the holiday spirit over here at s&b! i made a bunch of ornaments that are adorning the branch that lives in the shop!

one of the birds...

and one of the balls filled with bits of rusty nails and metal!

Wednesday, December 15

striped deco dresser

deco goes modern! this deco style dresser has great bones. i wanted to give it a bit of a modern edge so i decided to add some bold striping in green.

the vintage hardware cleaned up so nice. it's still a perfect fit!

Friday, December 10

married hutch

these two pieces have just started their new life together.

the top has been in the shop for a while- it's previous bottom was destroyed in a move cross country- waiting for a new partner.

when we got this new piece from an old kindergarten we kept our fingers crossed that they would be compatible.

we started sanding the paint only to find that the greens under the white were a perfect match!

congratulations to the happy couple!

Thursday, December 9

arts night out: lisa orsted

the final arts night out for the year is upon us this friday. my how time flies! we are super excited to be showcasing some new paintings by local artist lisa orsted - a series she calls geometrically golden.

the photos don't quite do enough justice to the paintings. there is such detail and texture that truly shines in person.

from the artist:

i am attempting to convey a sense of geometry and symmetry in each painting. with the addition of layers upon layers of brightly colored acrylic paints and always with a hint of gold. my intent is to create a work of art that is both pleasing to the eye as well as the soul.

please join us on this friday, december 10th for a reception with lisa from 5-8pm. see you there!

Wednesday, December 8

industrial lamps

we recently came across a bunch of these vintage industrial desk lamps. they were well worn and needed some rewiring. they all have a different patina that we just couldn't bring ourselves to get rid of!

there are two styles - first the more pixar-ish small shade style...

and a larger, more traditional desk lamp style. the perfect gift for that special someone!

Thursday, December 2


i've been having far too much fun with shrinky dinks.

so now we have key chains galore....

and some necklaces.

then, once i get started...

and the jewelery mess has begun,

it doesn't end for a couple of days.

freshwater pearls and copper pipe.

sterling chain and internal bearing clips.

oh, and more shrinky dinks.

of course.

prices range from 18-42 plus 5$ for domestic shipping. call during business hours with your credit card info if you're interested.

Wednesday, December 1

drop leaf table

after stripping off the old finish to this sweet little drop leaf table, i just couldn't bring myself to paint it!

the wood has such a beautiful golden glow!

and of course a little bit of stamping was in order! a quote from kahlil gibran's the prophet was the perfect finishing touch!

Friday, November 19

white hutch

this little hutch was cute from the beginning..

i sanded it down, fixed the sticky door, and carved some seed pod's into the door.

oh, and added this key latch.

i can think of so many things this cabinet would be perfect for....

Thursday, November 18

lazy susan (maybe i should change my name...)

so much for my big posting commitment! you'd think i know myself better by now....

this next piece has me thinking about thanksgiving next week.

i cut this pattern out of an old headboard ages ago for a project that ended up going in a different direction. it's been waiting for it's true purpose, and when i got this old busted lazy susan it found a home. the cut out corners inspire lots of spinning.... perfect for table top taco night.

it's finished with an excerpt from pablo neruda's 'great tablecloths'. let's eat!

Friday, November 12

telephone stand

i think all of my grandparents had one of these old telephone stands in their kitchens with a big old rotary phone sitting on top. when i scooped this up, i immediately thought it needed a little fun to bring it into this century!

a little flower decoupage and a great charcoal grey and voila, just like new!

Thursday, November 11

yeats wine rack

this sweet little wine rack was a fun little redo!

a lovely avocado green and a splash of copper.

and of course, it was screaming for a poem! a little yeats did just the trick.