Wednesday, March 16

bird chair

we see these types of chairs all the time and i finally decided to give redoing one a go.

the design is actually really smart and easy to take apart and see how it works. i went with a bold bird print from IKEA. they really have a great selection of fabrics.

a little charcoal velvet on the back...

now it's ready for a new nest!


outdoor furniture perth said...

I would like to own these kinds of chair. They would be perfect for my veranda.

furniture stores in los angeles said...

Putting clothes on a chair is a good idea. It gives life to the chair. I also love the design you used on it. It's very refreshing to see a chair with bird's image.

George Smith said...

Wow! The bold bird print is so awesome. I'm thinking of upholstering my chairs and use some cool bold print fabrics to blend with my interiors.

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