Thursday, April 29

arts night out northampton

in addition to all the fun and wonderful things i get to work on here at sticks and bricks with liz, i also create assemblages. on friday may 14th i will be showcasing some of them during arts night out northampton. stop by then from 5-8 to say hello, see some of my work, have some wine and snacks and mingle with us! i will be creating a special window installation for the event that i am very excited to share with everyone!

Wednesday, April 28

kitchen island

we recently finished this custom kitchen island for a customer. they had an idea and some existing pieces of furniture.

one was an old kitchen table that held some sentimental value so they didn't want to get rid of it completely. the other was a pine cupboard that was serving as the island.

we cut the kitchen table in half, created a back splash with the extra wood and attached it to the cupboard at bar height.

some old post from a headboard were turned upside down as legs. so fun!

for the back splash, we wanted to do something functional so here is that idea we posted about yesterday. the spindle turned mug rack!

Tuesday, April 27

knob hooks!

well, you know we love our knob hooks here and we just made a new batch for spring!

fun colors for spring!

this one is made from the side of an old chair that we deconstructed. what a nice finish it has!

this one is a favorite - the green peaking through is just delicious!

i like to think of this one having some industrial edge!

here we have a gorgeous single knob that we were looking for the perfect thing and i think we found it with this silhouette from an old bed post.

and here we have a rack for your mugs or other sundries in the kitchen. this idea will make another appearance later in the week - we love it!

Monday, April 26

new workshop!

happy monday! we are very excited here at sticks and bricks to announce a new workshop that will be happening here for four weeks in june! our pals and fellow crafters jennifer and laurie will guide you through reclaiming some vintage materials and making them beautiful and functional! check out their blog reclaimed crafts for more details! the class will be limited to 6 people so hurry on over there and sign up!

look at this vintage fabric they have! they better hide it from us :)

Friday, April 23

a few new things!

hi everyone! sorry for the delay in posting this week. we have been experiencing technical difficulties but all seems to be in working order again. phew!

i have been working a few new things this week.

this pair of old chairs used to be in my kitchen and needed a little TLC.

some elbow grease and a little robin's egg blue and voila! they are now ready for a new home!

if only i had any more room at home for a little side table - this avocado side table would surely fit right in.

a nice little mirror!

stay tuned to see what else we have been up to. there will be quite a few things to catch up on next week.


Friday, April 16

cool coffee table

one of the many wonderful things about having this shop is that people bring me the coolest old things.

this is part of an old cider mill- i think it's the piece that turned the apple chunks into apple mush.

and now it's a coffee table!

you can still turn the grinding wheel manually from the side.

and we notched reclaimed wood to lift it off the floor just the right amount.

Thursday, April 15

other artists

justin is handling consignment here at sicks and bricks these days & we've got some great new artists.

fantastic pins by mardou, so local she practically a neighbor.

some reclaimed t-shirt necklace scarves,

quilted wall art,

and fun pillows by marcia of mg originals.

Wednesday, April 14


i have a chair addiction.

i just can't say no to a cute chair- thus the ceiling of the shop holds a number of chairs in various states of disrepair waiting for some attention.

this is what we did with two that finally came down off the ceiling. they lasted in the shop for about 2 minutes.

Tuesday, April 13

pretty dresser

this dresser was pretty beat up- but such sweet lines.

the before (yes, it's upside-down- storage is an issue)

some robin's egg blue, grey and vintage french wallpaper...

and of course, some distressing.

Friday, April 9

bathroom vanity

this project was a custom job for a couple of my 'regulars'. they gave me the sink, dimensions, a request for at least one drawer and told me to get to it!

it's headed out to p-town so the whole piece needed to be made of solid wood- no plywood to separate in the salty humidity.

i used an old door for the body, new poplar for the top bottom and drawers, and a different old door for the door.

i'm loving this style & i'm sure i'll be doing more when i get the chance.

it was loosely inspired by this piece from studiomama.

Thursday, April 8

new lighting.

we have fantastic new lights by halcyon lighting.

when i said fantastic i mean fan-tas-tic!

they are based here in easthampton ma & their work is TOTL (top of the line!)

look at that toggle on/ off.

these lighting boxes are made with old science film strip and vintage boxes.

'why do my feelings change?' ah yes, why indeed.

Wednesday, April 7

red chair and lamp

two things today that are reminiscent of projects past....

how could i only use the birdies on one lampshade? they were so terrific the first time!

this chair was sturdy, a great color, but in need of a seat.

there was a bit of this fabric left over & it was meant to be. just like before.

Friday, April 2

spring upholstery

i've been a bit distracted this week by passover and easter and this beautiful weather we're having & i didn't post nearly as much as i would have liked..... so today you get 2 projects & a promise that i will do better next week ;)

the before of a sturdy old rocker that has done some porch time. or maybe a lot of porch time.

woooo and the after! the blue green patina was so fab that we sanded a bit, protected with poly and left it be.

the upholstery is this great amy butler fabric. we used a pillow form for the top, added grommets, and 3 ring binder clips so the these cushions can come off in the winter if you want the rocker to stay outside.

the bottom cushion lifts off as well for all weather perfection. i adore.

this little stool as been kicking around waiting for just the right upholstery, and yesterday i found it.

makes me want to be a tailor.