Wednesday, April 27

chalkboard cafe table

this was one of those pieces that came together like magic in the workshop! the top was going to be for a different project, then we had a moment when we were organizing and one of us plopped the top on the base and voila!

the chalkboard top is so fun!

this is a base we picked up last year to potentially use over at the roost, but ultimately went in a different direction. and we are glad it did ;)

Wednesday, April 20

winged bookshelf

this little bookshelf needed a little personality! i expanded on the spice rack idea i had recently.
and since it is spring now, i am all over the combination of turquoise and bright green.

these wings would be perfect for plants cascading off the sides (can you tell i am ready for the warm weather to stick here in new england?).

this is just a cute little one off chair i redid. so cute!

Friday, April 15

mud room bench

i forgot to snap that ever so important before picture of this project...mostly because when i got it to the shop, it was in a few different pieces!

you may recognize it as something similar to grandma's old dinning room sideboard! the base was beyond repair so i cut it off entirely. liz thought it was the perfect sized bench. it took some convincing, but i agreed in the end and couldn't be more pleased (thanks partner!). a perfect place for all those shoes and such in your mudroom.

the crackle finish came out so cute on this piece. you never know what will happen when you do this finish and this time i think it's the best attempt yet.

Thursday, April 14

dandy chairs and a swell table

we picked up a bunch of office chairs recently. who knew what we would do with them but we thought we'd give it a try...

and voila! these boring old chairs are transformed into sleek and modern design gems with some graphic black and white prints!

they would make a great dining set to offset something more traditional like this super neat salmon table!

the mechanism on this table is just about the coolest thing ever! you grab either side and the leaf pulls out like a roll top desk. (this is where we wish we had a video for you!)

a detail of the leaf. i hope we can find many more of these! such a great table for a small space.

and here is a chair we pieced together. the old wooden chair's bottom was in rough shape so we cut it off, added some fun color and attached it to one of the office chair bases we picked up. two pieces that needed a new match!

Wednesday, April 13

trunk show!

we can't resist a nice old trunk over here!

this one had a nice patina on it already, but we thought it needed a splash of color so we added these fun stencils all over.

this one is a perfect size for a coffee table but a little short so we added these cute little feet to raise it up to the correct height!

we salvaged the feet off an old settee. so cute!

Friday, April 8

eben a. kling

arts night out is back at sticks and bricks! the long winter is over- i'm calling it.

enter eben kling. interesting, colorful, disturbing, awesome.

'retired astronaut'

'the birthday party'

'picking up the trash (sunday night)'

come by tonight between 5 and 9 to meet the artist and look at art!

2 chairs

this coffee table was inspired by a customer suggestion. 'light industrial' (i checked that box at a temp agency once.... big mistake).

these two chairs were so lovely already- they just needed new upholstery. i didn't want to veer too far away from their traditional style, just to add something edgy.

these contrasting tacks were just the thing.