Thursday, April 30

mod chair

oh la la! check out this new custom job!

this chair had been kicked to the curb where it's new owner scooped it up- some girls have all the luck!

she picked out this lovely fabric and voila! it's fresh and beautiful once again!

Wednesday, April 29

mia cabana!

twist is this weekend! something you may not know about this excellent event is that the first 200 visitors get a free gift bag! well miss mia has been working tirelessly making these lovely bookmarks on behalf of sticks and bricks and I couldn't be more pleased with how they've turned out!

makes you want to read a book, eh?

Tuesday, April 28

patio table

it's getting to be that time of year when all I can think about is backyards and patios. so it was perfect timing for me to end up with a cast iron table base.

the glass was missing and the metal was pretty rusted (sorry I didn't take a before). I sanded and spray painted the base, called our local glass place and ordered a piece of tempered glass. after about a week the glass came in. I used the stencil I had made for the floor and spray painted glass frosting on the underside of the table.

now it just needs a nice iced beverage!

Monday, April 27

ahem... summer?

I must have old farmer blood in my genes because I like to talk about the weather (complain, compare, contrast) like my crops depend on it.
moving onto new projects- my actual job and the other thing I've been known to obsessively talk about- here are my latest completed pieces.

this was a custom job- her color choice, my design. we made a good team!

I may never buy knobs again!

an in process pic.

Friday, April 24

red chair

lisa o refinished this adorable chair in the shop today and we forgot to take a before- again.

but it doesn't take much imagination to know that it looks MUCH better now!

Thursday, April 23

handmade goodness

i'm back in western MA, looking forward to warmer weather and TWIST! a wonderful craft fair featuring funky crafters and artists right here in northampton. for any of you who are looking for a great way to spend the first weekend in may- you've found it! my shop will be open on saturday and sunday that weekend and i'm looking forward to chating with all the creative folks in town for the fair. click here to see a preview of who'll be there.

Wednesday, April 22

big job

I've been busy at another dream job this week. I'm out in ptown working with two WONDERFUL ladies on a big remodel. of course I neglected to take before pics because I was too excited to get right to work, but I did get some great afters!

new colors

new breakfast bar

new (or rather refinished) stools

new door to studio.

now we're finally off to enjoy town! I'm so lucky!

Friday, April 17

key hooks

it's warm outside and I'm in heaven!!
anyway, here are some new key hooks in the shop. I'm really enjoying them- another way to use maps!

subway stops.

topographical maps and an old door.... a match made in heaven!

Thursday, April 16

blooming dresser

love this custom piece. it was a beautiful dresser to begin with, it just needed a little spice.

Wednesday, April 15

knobs (not that kind!)

as much as I *love* hardware from anthropologie, i've been having fun experimenting with some more homegrown knobs.

 basic knob base from the hardware store. I haven't seen much variation in size, bit just in case you should be looking for something with a diameter of about 1 1/4".

get a basic paint tray from your local art supply store along with some casting resin. beware- this stuff stinks!! work outside or with a gas mask. follow the instructions and expect to wait at least overnight for the resin to cure.

getting the resin out of the tray is an adventure in and of itself! I've had the best luck when I lay out a clean sheet of paper and slam the tray upside down on the paper.

trace your knob, and cut out some pictures (the fun part). then give the paper a quick coat of mod podge. this will stop your paper from absorbing the apoxie and discoloring when you glue it to the knob.

now let's put it all together! ignore the picture above and glue your images to the resin FIRST- use a clear 2 part apoxie. (anything that starts cloudy and dries clear may not get enough air to fully cure and you'll end up with a cloudy look). once it's set use the same apoxie to glue the knob to the top. be patient and let it set.
you're done- so lovely, so personal!

Thursday, April 9

saying goodbye

i'm in love with this new custom bookcase! I might make another one just like it for myself- because letting go is hard to do.

i called this a bookcase, but that's not really an apppripriate name since it won't be used for books. any other suggestions?

Wednesday, April 8


i love wood. It's strong and renewable and flexible and..... beautiful. so when i ended up with leftover landscaping timber, i needed a way to show it off.

add some black pipe legs and it's done!

Tuesday, April 7


i'm so excited about this before and after. these childrens ikea tables are a dime a dozen, and the transformation really made it new.

perfect ottoman.

old table.

Monday, April 6


sometimes I feel like no matter how hard I try, I can't possibly drink enough coffee. then I get the shakes and start to sweat. so, please forgive my fast talking if you happen to see me today... it's monday.

some of the lovely work of molly burke. not only is she an incredibly talented artist,  she also a very sweet lady! molly keeps the shop open on sundays and other assorted times so you can come on in to view her work and talk in person.

the headboard bench with both pillows (finally!)

two custom crate tables. squat little cuties!

Friday, April 3

mmmmm, copper

I'm a big copper fan- the pipes, the nails, the sheet metal, and now- the spray paint!

Isn't he shiny?!

And sophisticated?

To think he used to be this ordinary!

Thursday, April 2

tried and true

when does an attraction become an obsession? because I think that just may have happened with the following color combination...

so delicious! it will be the perfect place for coffee on that rare morning I'm not gulping it out of my travel mug.

the less pretty before (although i did like the old barn look- it was in our apt for 6 months this way).

Wednesday, April 1

old metal

I have been dreaming of a hat rack like this for a long time. Yes, it's rusty, heavy and dangerous.* I love it! Too bad I never wear hats...

*don't worry, it's been sanded, spray painted, and it's not really dangerous- it just looks pokey.

 i happen to have a LOT of old bottle caps with the cork inside. i love how they look all flattened out....but now what? mobile? jewlery? add some resin and make knobs? any other ideas?