Friday, May 21

crates for coffee

reclaimed crate parts & locally forged legs make for quite the handsome coffee table....

some finishing wax & i'm ready to take it home!

Thursday, May 20

radio cabinet

this radio cabinet had been sitting in the shop for months, waiting for some attention....

i was hoping to get the old tube radio & record player fixed so i could use it in the shop- but in the end decided that wasn't really practical... you won't believe all the awesome things that came out of this little box!

first, the cabinet. justin picked great spring colors...

and the new door was a perfect place for the seed pod carving...

and inside- a turquoise surprise.

next, the old drawer front makes a great yours and mine coat or towel hook.

and the drawer base had this great cutout for the record player that couldn't just be thrown away.

the underside of the record player was so fantastic we turned it into a clock. (yes, that's copper)

and the bottom of the tube radio makes a great key hook with some small modifications.

all the parts of the animal!

Wednesday, May 19

outdoor bar

this out door bar was conceived by my cousin last summer. early one morning on our way out for a jog (bleary eyed and hungover from a night of bachelorette festivities) she made me a drawing on a piece of scrap paper.

and almost a year later, this is what came of it (it's a wedding present- i made it in under the deadline ;)

the top is copper & the legs are cedar so it should stand up to the elements for a long time.

happy almost anniversary lisa and scott! (the water drops were leftover from an endurance test)

Friday, May 14


holy arts night out!! i am so excited for sticks and bricks first night on the northampton arts tour.... wine and cheese, fancy shoes, and justin's incredible art! yay!!

'boxed' explores themes of love, loss and reconciliation. using found and repurposed objects he 'creates intricate landscapes of the mind'.

if you are in the area we'd love to see you anytime today before 8!

Wednesday, May 12

tree desk

what fun! liz was inspired to do this carving from a photograph taking by her brother.

i really love the organic feel of the limbs swaying in the breeze. a perfect spot to rest your laptop in front of a window perhaps?


Monday, May 10

piano stool

sometimes when i am looking for things to breathe new life too, i can see potential immediately. such was the case with this great old piano stool.

it was definitely in need of a little love. the adjustable mechanism was in excellent working order. who doesn't love a stool that swivels up and down?

after stripping the years (and i mean YEARS!) of paint off, i decided to paint it a glossy black and added this vintage french green floral print. i bought about two yards of this fabric a few years ago and have been saving it for special projects and it was the perfect fit for this stool!


Friday, May 7


spring really gets rolling here in our little corner once may hits. the mornings are bright, we get to spend time out on the patio, the farmer's markets start and tonight is the kick-off to the season with the spring edition of twist.

it's a super fun mix of art, crafts, culture and creativity. we are one of 60+ vendors and we've made a bunch of new things especially for the occasion. stop by booth #202 to say hello and see what we are up to!

the important info:

northampton center for the arts
17 new south street
northampton, ma

friday may 7, 2010
vip reception 4:00pm - 6:00pm
market party 6:00pm - 9:00pm

saturday may 8, 2010
10:00 am - 6:00 pm

$4.00 for adults, $2.00 for kids 6-12 free for kids 5 and under.

Thursday, May 6


i often joke that making this furniture is the result of my genetic predisposition to collect old things (thanks dad!) and also eliminate clutter/ collections (thanks mom!). now that i have a shop keeping my 'collecting' gene under control is getting trickier. i mean, i see potential in almost everything!

this table takes care of a few of those wood scraps in my ever growing pile. it was inspired by a recent trip to p-town and uses parts from a 3 tables, a stair ballister, and an old headboard.
amazingly it doesn't wobble.

Wednesday, May 5

red hutch

this next transformation..... amazing.

a cute hoosier style hutch to begin with, but the paint was flaking and the top cabinet was too short and shallow & had been attached with plywood.... it needed to come off.

justin and i put our heads together and ended up with this masterpiece! we used an old window & door to make the top, sanded all the loose paint off, and fell in love. (with the hutch- we already love each other ;)

a bit of new pine and poplar for shelves.

and the seed pod carving all the way through- we will definitely be doing this again!