Friday, February 26

tree cabinet

newest tree carving- woooo! these photos shows the cabinet before it got one more coat of black paint.

look at all that hidden storage! i'm jealous.

a mid process pic- if you look closely you can see the beginning pencil sketches of the tree carving.

Monday, February 22

Thursday, February 18

office chair

this chair design and color were picked by the new owner- with creative license of course ;)

i'm loving the branches- they're getting me all watered up for a much larger tree carving to come....

Friday, February 12

kitchen cart

one of the last upgrades from the science auction...

it's been newly outfitted with birch plywood& is ready to roll in someone's kitchen.

when i first got him, he had some heavy fiber boards that i took off before the picture. followed by lots of sanding, and a bit of spray paint to clean up.

the poppy's were carved out with a router, i added some colorful paper with mod-podge, filled the void with epoxy, and covered the whole thing with poly. you can expect to see this style again- i think it came out fantastic!

Wednesday, February 10

square chair

this next chair came in lot with some other things and at first i didn't see it's potential...

but now, i LOVE it!

the vinyl before.

Tuesday, February 9

new hutch

it's a living room hutch!

salvaged drawers, a chopped up cabinet door, and a sweet cubby give some great hidden storage.

an amazing window salvaged from an old barn.

beautiful poplar body and bookshelves with adjustable height to fit whatever you need.

Friday, February 5

science island

this old science workstation needed some minor repairs and serious sanding...

but now it's ready to make the move to someone's kitchen.

i think it's safe to say that counts as a promotion.

Thursday, February 4

school chairs

last week's auction was full of industrial school supplies.

these chairs had little side mount desks that i cut off with my angle grinder (nothing in my shop is quite as thrilling as all those sparks!) i love the molded plywood- but i couldn't get the wood to look as fresh as i wanted.

so i added a bit of green paint and voila. i love that they have the racks underneath. all those magazines that fill the table- whoosh, out of sight, or maybe a tin full of craft supplies could live under there. as someone who's always looking for ways to balance life's piles with clean surfaces these chairs really sing to me!

Tuesday, February 2

rough maple shelf

drumroll please..... introducing a lovely bookshelf made by chris (my brother) karney!

rough maple branches cut from our parents backyard, with maple shelves, maple pegs, mmmmm maple.....

amazing, eh?