Wednesday, March 30

spice racks!

inspired by matthew's custom spice rack, last weekend i went crazy making more!

i took all the various parts from chairs, table legs, cool wood scraps and architectural details we had been saving up. form meets function here (if not for your spices then for all those cool little tchotchkes you have hanging about!)

this one is so sweet with a little drawer! hmmm....time to rethink the kitchen design so i can bring one home!

Friday, March 25


this bench was made from an old headboard i've had for forever. thanks to some much needed reorganization in the workshop i didn't have room to store it anymore.

i cut the top off the posts (before i took this picture)

and used them as the bottom of the front legs. the square part is from another bed. the side rails are from wood that was kicking around the shop. the arms are from a broken windsor chair. and the seat is made from flooring scrap left over at the roost.

the pillows are old coffee bean bags.

put all together they make a handsome & sturdy bench.

Thursday, March 24

crib table

i love to think of us 'using all the parts of the animal' (you may have heard me say that before ;) )

a couple years ago i got an old metal crib at the auction for no particular reason. aka- i fell in love with it. i used the head and foot boards in my garden, a side rail for display in my shop, and another side rail for magazines in the roost. the mattress base was the final piece so when justin realized this glass we had fit so well on top we had to turn it into a table.

mike from bca added the angle iron legs for us and it's ready for your crib (i couldn't resist).

Wednesday, March 23

mirror madness!

we have been going crazy the past few days making all sorts of mirrors!

these old wooden clamps have been around for a while. we were initially hesitant to do something crazy to them to completely change the integrity of them since they were so darn cool!
this was the perfect solution.

this old tin was salvaged from the ceiling at the roost during construction!

the frame of this one (and the larger one in the first picture) is some old trim we have had kicking around for a while.

and this one is just a great old mirror that liz fell in love with and just had to have for the shop!

Friday, March 18


this bathroom vanity was a custom job for someone who was inspired by a trip to porches. (can't wait till that's me ;) )

i used an old door and a reclaimed 2x3 from the roost. i love the stripes from the plaster & lath and the monster quality to the rebuilt door.

the top is aluminum and should hold up for generations of hand washers (thanks to mike of BCA)

dream of life table

i can't seem to pass up a cute little side table these days!

some elbow grease to get off that dark old finish and some spring blue bring it right back to life!

and yes - some more stamping! this time some lyrics from the ever inspiring oeuvre of patti smith - a little of dream of life.

Wednesday, March 16

bird chair

we see these types of chairs all the time and i finally decided to give redoing one a go.

the design is actually really smart and easy to take apart and see how it works. i went with a bold bird print from IKEA. they really have a great selection of fabrics.

a little charcoal velvet on the back...

now it's ready for a new nest!

Friday, March 11

custom coffee tables

clearly we've been catching up on custom work....

we've done this style table before once or twice, and it inspired someone to ask us to make one for their new living room.

legs from blue collar artisans, and crates from all over ;)

this table is a fusion of these great old sawhorses the owner picked up at brimfield, and an oak desktop we've had kicking around. we rubbed it with black wax, made a few adjustments to the dimensions and voila!

have a great weekend you.

Thursday, March 10

spice rack

this next piece is a perfect example of 'necessity is the mother of invention'.

a friend came in looking for a custom job- a funky spice rack that fits inside this very specific space. i let the idea marinate for a bit and this is what they ended up with. the dark wood stripes are an old sewing drawer and tip forward for storage of little bags. the grid is from an old coca cola crate and the rest is more bits of reclaimed this and that. time to cook!

Friday, March 4

industrial cabinet

this fantastic cabinet was at the restore in springfield.

it was meant to be built into a wall, and was no easy feat to move- but i couldn't leave it behind.

it's a pass through medical supply cabinet. the doors are exactly the same on the back side (or is it the front?)

we added a nice plywood frame and put it on industrial casters.

made some extra shelves,

and took the old crusty paint off the inside.
now it's ready for the 'where to put it' debate. mstr bath to bed or dining to kitchen?

Wednesday, March 2

mid-century sofa

i try not to do too much upholstery. it's just not really my thing. but sometimes.... i just can't say no.

when a friend sent me a picture of this broken couch on the street, i dropped everything and ran over to pick it up.

new foam, a few very solid repairs and i love it so much i had to set it free (my family would have destroyed it and broken my heart ;) )

look at that design- mmmmmmmmmmm.

the fabric is from ikea.

even the back is sexy.

rustic cabinet

this project has been stewing in my head now for a while and i finally came across the right piece to bring it to life.

and here it is after!

you know we don't like to let anything go to waste, so i used a lot of scraps from the wood fencing we used on the exterior of the roost on the sides of this piece.

the double-tiered top lends itself to many different uses. i just love seeing the raw bark edge!

an old window and an old door cut down make the perfect pair!

the hardware may just be my most favorite thing! not sure where the steel one originated from but the black piece is an old spool holder from a vintage singer sewing machine. love!