Wednesday, September 26

many pieces standing lamp

i used common elements to make a common thing that is anything but common. this lamp has plumbing supplies and conduit connectors and a random gear from brimfield. turn it on with a toggle switch and swivel the lamp to suit you needs.

Thursday, September 20

scraps and drawers

 this was inspired after i made a tv console for our little house. i had so much fun fitting the old tongue and groove together & finding drawers that could fit dvd's spine up. oh, and some little drawers to hide coasters and remotes.
i figured i should make one for the shop too.

Wednesday, September 19

scraps dresser

 justin turned an old outdated dresser into something wonderfully modern with plywood scraps placed just so. it's a show stopper.

Tuesday, September 18

barn hutch

fresh rustic hutch. split turned spindle handles. walnut stripe insert in doors. perfectly imperfect.

Thursday, March 29

rough round table

we've been slowing trying to clean the shop up- which means using materials that i have been moving from corner to corner for...... lets just say a long time. the base of this came from the auction. the original top was an oak veneer, but had been badly burned. this new top is all reclaimed, mostly pine. now it's ready for a brand new life!

Wednesday, March 28


it has been so long, there is just so much to share! i'll start with a partial pic of this amazing catalog cabinet we picked up at auction a while ago. it took a good amount of work to clean up, but it was well worth it! it is just stunning. it also happened to be full old hardware. we sorted and cleaned and here it is fantastically revamped. makes me wish i had a humongous studio in an old factory, with big windows overlooking the mountains & close to the city- as long as i'm dreaming....