Wednesday, September 30

auction overload

phew... i got too many good deals at the auction and i am in overload! where to begin... i guess with one of my favorites. i don't have the before, this minute (it's on a camera i don't have access to at the moment) but it was banged up white.

it's a great heavy metal, and you can turn this set screw to adjust the height. i'm in love.

Friday, September 25

the 3 c's

clearly i can't stop. but the more i make, the more inspired i am to make more!

with the days getting shorter, it was time to get candle sticks. i got this brass set from savers, sanded and added a little spray paint. now we'll have summer color on our table all winter!

i had to share this carrot embrace. steamy.

Wednesday, September 23

orange bookcase

this little bookcase was in tough shape. loose at the joints, funky varnish. but such potential..

now he belongs in some happy house. maybe in the kitchen- add some wine glass holders, some cookbooks, some vases and old bottles......

Tuesday, September 22

and more plates!

i am loving these little 2 tier plates. a perfect place to throw your everyday jewels. my fav of this bunch is probably the one on the far right. i disassembled a couple brass candlesticks (most of them unscrew in at least one place), used a lamp finial, and ended up with this cutie. i've decided to attended twist this year, so you can expect to see a lot of smaller projects in the coming weeks. i'm really excited to be part of such a fun event, but i have a lot to do!

Monday, September 21

reversible seats

the seats on these chairs fit in place so snugly i decided they should be reversible. the polka dot side doesn't have as much padding, but would be great if you wanted something for when there are messier folks around (in my house, just about all the time).

i am really loving this fabric - same as on the red rocker but with new colors. i bought the rest of the bolt.

Friday, September 18


i just love everything about this little crib.

it was well loved by it's previous owner, it's really sturdy and strong, and i think it was handmade.

i love the grey/purple color, with the yellow/green. and to top it all off, AFTER i had painted the crib, i found that fabric for the new mat. it's just too perfect. i can't wait for some lucky baby who occasionally gets put down to end up in this crib!

the before....

Wednesday, September 16

70's table


after. i'm not sure this table is totally finished. i feel like it's missing something, but i'm not sure what just yet....

Tuesday, September 15


these chairs needed a few repairs, but they have such a lovely old finish i couldn't bring myself to paint them.

so i added a some letters to freshen them up a bit, some protective poly, and....

put them in the window!

Friday, September 11

up-cycled plates and crazy color

i want to start with a big thank you to lindsey from better after and nori from love2create for featuring me on their fabulous blogs! thanks guys!

this old tv cabinet was so sad sitting on the side of the road before. i knew it needed some color... but what? thankfully justin helped with some lime and magenta inspiration.

here's that red paper again- i'm loving it these days.

more cake plates. because when i have a lot of other projects to work on, my inner procrastinator just happens to drive past goodwill and persuades me that it really is a good use of time to up-cycle some old thrift store finds.

but sometimes i think she's right!

Wednesday, September 9

photo shoot

sticks and bricks hosted a photo shoot last week. lexie barnes came in to photograph her lovely new line of bags. now when you head over to her website my little shop is in the background- yea! thanks lexie! if you are interested in seeing some beautiful photographs on my shop (not to mention, *incredible* bags) head on over here and look around.
a couple new multi-tiered cake(?) plates. perfect for jewelry or cookies or odds and ends.

blue hutch

hope you like!

Tuesday, September 8


this bookcase was the first piece of furniture i ever paint stripped (a laborious process that i repeat with great reluctance). so when we got something bigger for our apartment and i decided to upgrade this for the shop, painting was NOT an option.

but i love this paper, and a little tongue oil brightened the wood right up.

these lovely chairs were done by justin using vintage fabric and a bit of elbow grease.

Wednesday, September 2

wine glasses and barn board

we live in a tiny apartment. when i'm feeling positive, i might say something like 'it's so nice how it inspires unexpected creative solutions'. (i'm not going to tell you what i say when i'm not feeling positive!) this wine glass holder is one of those creative solutions.

i used an old board i had in my shop, wine glass holders from ikea, a little sandpaper and poly, and voila!

this little wall unit houses our radio, television, cloth napkins, card games, various knick-knacks and now- wineglasses. small space solution #2,631