Wednesday, February 12


We have a new website It's a fabulous place to be inspired about projects, see past work, and imagine something totally new for your space. There is shopping and a blog and all sorts of great work. Come and visit us there if you can't make it to the bricks and mortar store!

Thursday, April 25

industrial plumbing lamps

i made some lamps.

i used reclaimed plumbing parts my repair collective friend gave me, an old lamp base, and a green metal enamel shade. it was a *#$% pain to make, but worth it.

this one stands tall & i just love that copper goose neck.

old car parts and vintage green enamel? don't mind if i do.

Wednesday, September 26

many pieces standing lamp

i used common elements to make a common thing that is anything but common. this lamp has plumbing supplies and conduit connectors and a random gear from brimfield. turn it on with a toggle switch and swivel the lamp to suit you needs.

Thursday, September 20

scraps and drawers

 this was inspired after i made a tv console for our little house. i had so much fun fitting the old tongue and groove together & finding drawers that could fit dvd's spine up. oh, and some little drawers to hide coasters and remotes.
i figured i should make one for the shop too.