Thursday, October 29

winter tree headboard

the new fabulous window display- aldo's bottles (and that is not an intentional pun- just a lucky one). mostly dug locally these antique bottles are soooo lovely.

my little brothers and his sweet wife's new headboard- he built the frame/ bed, i carved the tree and she stained. what a team! it really is beautiful and i will post more pictures of the finished project.

happy halloween!

Wednesday, October 28

turquoise trunk

i have to apologize. the first picture of this trunk is cloudy and does not do it justice. but i got a new camera- like an actual camera not an iphone- and i'm still learning how to use it. actually, it's more passive than that. i'm waiting for someone to show me the setting that takes magically good pictures. so far, no one's come in off the street to show me how to take a good picture in 5 minutes- because that's all the time i have to spare.

you'll just have to come in person to see how yummy this turquoise trunk is. and i promise to spend a little QT with my camera after thanksgiving.
who knows, maybe someone will show me that magical setting later today!

Monday, October 26


its getting to be that time of year- where to put the scarf, the sweatshirt...

i love both of these hanging devices. one with mixed knobs on a hand carved axe handle, and one with an old table expansion device.

the coolest thing about this one is that the gear still works when it's mounted on the wall. expand for guests or winter, close it later just because you can.

Friday, October 23

custom chair

another custom job i wouldn't mind keeping for myself!

perfect for coffee and a book. maybe next to a window.

Wednesday, October 21

custom bookshelf

this bookshelf is not quite finished. part of the back is temporary- i need to head to the lumber yard and get some luan that matches the rest of the wood for the top two shelves.

my client gave me dimensions and we talked about design, color and wood choice.

i think it should hold all her books quite comfortably!

the raw carving.

Monday, October 19

school days desk

this was a fun collaborative project. justin helped with color and paper choice, and i had two intern-ish folks to help with the painting sanding and finishing. thanks caitlin and robyn!

somehow some dirt got on the paper when i was adhering it to the desk, and that's what inspired the pink flower on the top. thank goodness for some mistakes!

justin refinished these two chairs with this great yellow and awesome vintage fabric. love.

Friday, October 16

2 more chairs and some color

there is something i love about mismatched furniture that is altered so it suddenly belongs together.
not cut from the same cloth but painted with the same color.

with that in mind, here are two more letter chairs that could be added to the first pair to make a set of 4.

the before of some auction cast-offs

the after with some fun color! (the shelf sold before i took a pic, and the orange magazine rack didn't make into the before- i can't be perfect in every way people)

Thursday, October 15

metal cabinet

i wish more furniture was made with metal.

this old cabinet looked pretty rough, and i started sanding the outside to prep for painting. but this great green started peeking through, and the metal...... so of course i changed my mind and just put a protective clear coat on.

but i did put some lovely paper and a fresh coat of white enamel on the inside.

Tuesday, October 13

justin's hutch

justin worked some magic on an old ikea hutch.

with lovely paper....
and lovely paint. now it's better than new!

the before. obviously.

Friday, October 9


maybe i would write letters if i had a desk like this. and didn't get any junk mail. or bills. maybe if my laptop stopped working and the power went out for a week.

nah, who am i kidding, probably not.

Thursday, October 8

shoe shine box

still working on things from the auction. who knew a shoe shine box could seem so necessary!

Tuesday, October 6

roses coffee table

this is a coffee table that could handle the people in our house. mostly.

Monday, October 5

Friday, October 2

folding table

who doesn't need a cute table that can be folded up and put in a corner? add a great pattern and it's irresistible.

have a great weekend y'all!

Thursday, October 1

custom cabinet

i had so much fun making this next project. i loved the challenge of figuring out how to make found materials fit into particular dimensions.

almost like puzzle pieces. sometime boundaries are great creative inspiration.

antique key latch. happy thursday!