Friday, March 26

red desk

i had some trouble getting the right light in these next photos.

although it could be that 'books are always better than the movie' syndrome- because this desk & chair are so especially fun in real life!


an in process pic of the veneer being re-glued to the drawer front. i think i count 10 clamps...

Thursday, March 25

tall dresser

justin is working on a big project this week, so he's not quite ready for show and tell. but trust me, it's worth the wait!

this dresser came into my shop because the owners wanted it to come back to life. what you can't see well from the picture is that the wood veneer on the front was chipped and peeling away in MANY places. they wanted to repair that, but keep the wonderful rich look of the wood. it also need some repair on the feet, drawers and hardware.

these guys bought one of my first pieces (a dresser with queen ann's lace stenciled), and said they'd love to see this done in the same style.

after a lot of scraping, wood putty, sanding staining and painting i think it looks pretty good ;)

Tuesday, March 23

spring studio

justin and i have been making some wonderful changes in the workshop here & it means i'm finally ready to host my first workshop! (yay! woo hoo! fantastic!).
classes will be held once a month and limited to 4 people. you bring in any project/ piece of furniture and we'll have 3 hours to use tools and share creative ideas. the first one will be in april and was filled by word of mouth before i had even finalized the date. but i'll be hosting another on wednesday may 5th, so send an email if you're interested in securing a place.

here's the new solution for paper storage- i've been holding onto this crib side for a year knowing that eventually the perfect use would present itself. i couldn't be more pleased with how this turned out.

justin had these boxes, i built the shelf- put it all together and you get adorable organization!

lastly here's a quick project with some birch branches. now for the perfect espresso cups....

Friday, March 19


these next chairs are for me! yay!

i picked up 4 chairs and a table at the action and spent forever trying to decide how to recover them. but in the end, how could i say no to vinyl alligator skin!?

now who's ready for breakfast brunch and evening games of ligretto?

these antlers were brought in by a customer and she asked me to turn them into dresser handles.
i LOVE them. now i just need to get some of my own....
hope you have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 18

it's spring!

hi readers! justin here with a few projects i did this week. spring has sprung and we are feeling extra creative here at sticks and bricks.

i love old wooden spools and have amassed quite the collection over the years. just a few repurposed here as an adorable coat hook.

pair of lovely little yellow candleholders.

so this bench was made from scratch. my first attempt at building a piece of furniture out of nothing! i love it so much i think it might just have to stay in my personal collection for a while before i part with it!

it was made from an old piece of pallet (i think!) i pulled out of a warehouse i used to work at years ago thinking i'd do something with it and here it is! so exciting!

Wednesday, March 17


one of the fun things about custom work is that it pushes me to branch out in directions i might not go on my own.

someone brought me this sewing table base and asked me to make a drop leaf table with a mosaic top.

he brought me glass samples and we talked about color and design.

it's not something i would have done on my own- but it really came out great.

who knows- maybe i'll find myself doing more of this!

Friday, March 12

green *dresser*

the lighting in this next piece is not the best....

but i forgot i hadn't taken pictures minutes before the owner arrived to pick it up- lucky girl! the candlesticks on top are a new consignment item made from old balusters- they are fantastic in person.

detail of the carving.

i had nothing to do with this fantastic paint job, but i love it so much, i had to share. head over to the haystack needle to see more fantastic ideas.

Wednesday, March 10

this, that and some shelves

it's thursday- which means today features the work & stylings of jb(justin brown)

a retro plantstand that just had to be tourquoise! (see if you can spot him in the photo)

an old shoehorn is now the perfect spot for your kitchen towel.

some iron hooks mounted to some great old chestnut!

little shelves for your little things.

Tuesday, March 9

tv hutch

mmm mmmm good! i know that phrase i usually applies to items you ingest- but sometimes i almost wish i could eat furniture!

ok, that's a lie, but when something like this materializes from miscellaneous wood in the shop, just looking at it doesn't feel close enough...

lucky for me it's in my bestie's house so i'll get to look at it all the time.

that's hot.

Thursday, March 4

the talented justin brown

i am lucky enough to have justin's help in the shop all the time these days- which means you're lucky enough to see his work here every thursday from now on. let the cheering commence!

fabulous hooks!

amazing refinished coffee table

drawers as shelves- i mean, come on!

already sold....

and a fancy tchotchke shelf!

Wednesday, March 3

Tuesday, March 2

spring dresser

while it's not technically spring here in new england, a bit of warm weather has me dreaming of our patio. digging in the dirt, adult drinks and outdoor games. sigh.... i'm ready!

this maple dresser was fabulous before it got the s&b treatment. with spring in the air- or at least in my mind- adding a vine with these bright flowers was almost the only option we considered

i like the asymmetry of the different knobs, but i think i may get some more large flowers just to see....

these knobs are kind of fantastic as well- but alas i can not get another and i only have 9.... i think in the end it will be the buyers choice.