Friday, February 25

the roost- bathrooms

i love these penny tiles- like real love.

and this mirror that justin made, inspired by a table by boris dennier- thanks for showing us jon ;)

our attempt to make the insulting sign required by the health inspector more attractive.

and the next mirror justin made.

ooohh penny tiles. we scooped this fantastic trash at brimfield and took it down to the bare steel.

homemade baby changing station.

tested to 50lbs and no signs of strain ;)

Thursday, February 24

the roost- wall of shelving

one of the reasons working on the roost was especially fun was the commercial scale of the projects.

this wall is 12' tall and 16' long.

the crazy arm lamp works (of course) and the magazines are on an old metal crib side.

we used a variety of sizes and fittings of black iron pipe.

and local rough sawn pine.

the boards were all lovingly treated with a dark wax by robyn.

and we couldn't help but paint the basement door with chalkboard paint ;).

Wednesday, February 23

the roost- baked&such

hey all! we're going to wrap up pictures of the roost this week. it's just so hard to narrow down the pictures. i spent so much time with every detail- for 5 months!

before of the upper level...

and now!

we built cabinets with old doors and wood parts from all over the place (a special shout out belongs here to justin babcock- thanks for all those materials j!!)

some doors open, and some are structural.

this is the before of our used grab and go case. adam asked me if we could make it work.... after he already bought it.

but make it work we did! i spent a dirty day in the crawl space salvaging the old tin ceiling that we used for the new facing & justin and i brushed off the paint on the metal wherever we could.

thanks for the great idea mike! (blue collar artistans)

a shot of our wine storage. old bed springs, new copper pipe.

Wednesday, February 16

the roost- tables&chairs

tables!! we made a lot of tables for this little cafe. here's a sampling.

most of the tables are made with reclaimed chestnut and steel frames made by mike (blue collar artisans) this particular base is from a gumball machine.
the chairs we scooped up at brimfield and took them down to the bare steel.

detail of a repair on the big farm table.

the espresso bar & my favorite stools.

more chairs and little tables. we used old sewing machine bases for these.

the coffee table- it pulls apart for personal dining ;)
the legs are old industrial seat bases.

another side table in the comfy area. we covered this old crate side with resin to protect the paper- possibly forever. this stuff is crazy thick!

detail of the round table.

more crate parts protected forever by resin.

(all photos credit ilana panich-linsman)

the roost- lighting

i'm a big fan of bottles. old/ new, empty/ full- you name it. when we started planning the roost i knew we had to use an ecclectic assortment of bottles for our pendant lights.

the bottles that made the final cut- clean and ready to go.

the cluster over the farm table.

the bottle tower in the window. (i was saving bottles for a long time ;) )

robyn and i picked up these light fixtures at the restore. we needed wall sconces and loved the idea of seeing them in such an unexpected way.

of course they are hard to photograph- so you may just have to come in person to enjoy these.

(all photos credit ilana panich-linsman)

Friday, February 11

roost interior overview

so much for 'tomorrow'.... sorry about that! i got a flu-ish thing that knocked me down for a day. so here's a quick peek at the interior fix up. next week will be all about details details details!

the old liquor store after they moved 'everything' out.

and 45 minutes into opening day. i don't think it's been this empty since ;)
(photo credit ilana panich-linsman)

another shot of pop's

and another of the roost! (photo credit ilana panich-linsman)

see you next week! (photo credit ilana panich-linsman)

Wednesday, February 9

the roost!!!!!!

hello out there!! so, we have been very absent here in cyberspace for the last couple weeks as we finished up the project we've been working on since august!

two doors down from sticks and bricks there was a liquor store for 15+ years (pop's). when they moved next door, my sweetie and great friend robyn decided to open a cafe there. lucky us!

for the next two weeks we are going to bring you pictures of all the sticks and bricks contributions- from the very large to the small details.

and we'll start with the exterior facade.

we made 5' sections of fencing with reclaimed stockade fence, local rough sawn lumber, and misc bits of wood we picked up here and there.

luckily we finished this part before there was 3' of snow on the ground!

we enlisted the help of our contractors to mount it to the building- because we're not that butch ;).

the signs were made by steelhead studios - 500lbs of fantastic rusted metal.

open 8am-11pm, i ate all three meals there yesterday.

for those of you not lucky enough to come in person- we'll take you inside tomorrow.