Wednesday, March 2

rustic cabinet

this project has been stewing in my head now for a while and i finally came across the right piece to bring it to life.

and here it is after!

you know we don't like to let anything go to waste, so i used a lot of scraps from the wood fencing we used on the exterior of the roost on the sides of this piece.

the double-tiered top lends itself to many different uses. i just love seeing the raw bark edge!

an old window and an old door cut down make the perfect pair!

the hardware may just be my most favorite thing! not sure where the steel one originated from but the black piece is an old spool holder from a vintage singer sewing machine. love!


Anonymous said...

Enjoy seeing your ideas turn real. What a lovely cabinet!

Miranda said...

Very cool, very wabi-sabi... in short, very Sticks&Bricks!