Monday, August 31

paper girl project

s&b has a *great* new window display! a collection of small works  from 18 different artists, all part of the papergirl project.

the papergirl project is  'a locally based, selffunded, nonprofit project to be modeled after the Paper Girl Project originally organized by Aisha Ronniger in Berlin Germany. The objective of the project is to hold an open call for donated, original works of art on paper which are to be displayed in local shops and restaurants for a period of two weeks in this coming September. At the culmination of the exhibit the works will be rolled into brown paper and distributed at random by a team of cyclist to persons on the streets of Northampton, MA.'
so awesome! i'm really excited to be a part of this- and you can bet i'll be hanging around on the streets in northampton on september 12th hoping to catch a work of art!

here's another bench made with one of these great old oak pieces.

Friday, August 28

new artist and other stuff

s&b has new little creatures watching over the shop. handmade with felted wool they would be the perfect gentle presence in a little ones room.

you can check out more of corinne garcia's work here.

more door knob coat hooks.

and some new cake plates.

have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 27

more paper!

this is a new custom job. a little sanding+ a little stain+ some lovely paper+ a lot of mod-podge+ a lot of poly. such a fun restyling!

Tuesday, August 25

door knob coat hook

this is the first in my new set of door knob coat hooks. i go in and out of loving glass door knobs, but something about this combination..... i don't think i'll ever stop loving it!

Monday, August 24

lamp makover part 2

here's the second lamp makeover i promised last week. i'm sure regular readers did not *really* expect me to post when i said i would!

Thursday, August 20

key hook

this is my first real collaborative project with my daughter!

when she drew this fairy, i knew we had to find a way to keep her up in the house. 

i'm in love!

Wednesday, August 19

lamp makover

what a little paint and fabric can do.....

i'll post the other lamp later this week. 

Monday, August 17

back from vacation

i just had a wonderful week! beach with family, friends and my bestie's wedding. i just wish i could do the whole thing again... sigh.....

here's a custom project i meant to post last week, but good times got in the way!

Wednesday, August 12

tailors table

I like to sew, I love old metal and I wish I had room for this in my house!

Thursday, August 6

Wednesday, August 5

new andy grant

andy grant brought some new work to sticks and bricks....

'race brook falls'

'wool skeins'

his photos are such a fun exploration of color and movement. check out more of andy's work here

Tuesday, August 4

summer perfect

what can i say about this photo? when the sun hits a flower so perfectly, any hack with a camera can take a lovely picture. (in this case the hack was me, just so we're clear)

new coffee table made with some old shutters and reclaimed pine.

hope you're day is summer perfect!

Monday, August 3

touch of pink

if our living room was the tiniest bit bigger, this coffee table would be in our apt.

the drawers are solid and deep- they could hold a substantial movie collection!

originally it was meant to go up against a wall, so the back needed a little extra attention.

maybe we could fit it if we got a new couch......