Tuesday, June 30

green table

i picked up this little cutie at the action a couple weeks ago.  i was really just looking for chairs (not for the shop- god knows i have enough!) for some friends and clients. but just because he was missing a drawer and a bit wobbly didn't mean i could leave him behind!

the auction is a dangerous place.

this piece was sucked into our apt.

what could i do? it was just too perfect.

Friday, June 26

summer vacation!

and camp hasn't started yet. which translates into lots of quality time with my kiddo and less quality time in my shop.
i'll have some great projects next week though...yellow velvet settee anyone?

(this is the rail trail bridge over the connecticut river... nice, eh?)

have a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 24

fireman's bench

a couple of weeks ago i was fortunate enough to have someone donate a few salvaged window sills. they were from an old building that burned down, are solid oak (i think) and look like art in their own right.

 i tried to think of a way to use one that didn't require sanding all the character away... and i happened to have some red 2x6's.......

now it's one hefty bench!

Tuesday, June 23

sumer chairs

now that it's officially summer, these chairs needed a wardrobe change.

here's another transformed clock- such a fun project!

Friday, June 19

happy day

I finished up a few little projects yesterday and it was so satisfying!

this is the front to an old pot-bellied stove.

an ikea clock transformed.

paper in the drawers of the hutch. (found at the dump... made in france....not kidding)

a little side table made from materials laying around the shop. I especially love the top.

have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 18

little desk

i love this childrens desk, so much history written in the wood.

i'm still looking for the perfect vessel to fit where the ink well was.

Wednesday, June 17

tiered cake plate

I have been struggling with this project for weeks now and it's finally finished! woo hoo!

I bought these three plates at anthro a while ago not intending for them to be a set. but when I stacked them all together they were too good to be seperated. commence problem solving. drilling holes through the glass... some threaded rod.... some copper pipe... some rubber o-rings..... not working.....then today when I was out jogging (very slowly so as not to miss any treasures) this birch branch was just waiting for me on the side of the trail. sure I looked ridiculous jogging home carrying a branch, but it was worth it!

now for some poly and homemade cookies!

Tuesday, June 16


i may have gotten a little carried away taking pictures of this next piece... i just couldn't decide which details to leave out!

the before.

the after.

i love the laminate top.

i've become obsessed with old bottles, lucky for me i have a good supplier!

Friday, June 12


I've got a couple sweet pieces to share today...

first is this wonderful old school desk that lisa orsted refinished. so nice!

this is 3/4 of a custom set of chairs- now we're just looking for the perfect 4th to paint green and complete the set!

I'm working on some really fun projects today, I'm going to have some great posts next week! have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 11

little things

I love this flea market lamp! it was this awful band-aid color and the electrical had seen better days. now it's better than new!

a shorty wine rack. perfect for the counter top!

the colors on this knob are so lovely.

the base is part of an old lamp.

Wednesday, June 10

bw&o chairs

I am loving the bold patterns on ikea fabrics these days. it reallt makes the transformation on these next chairs.


and after!

Monday, June 8

other artists

today I have a before an after from the talented justin brown.

not so comfy with this old cushion!

ready for rocking!

i just had to share this fire- escape garden. it's over a dumpster in a parking lot here in noho. I love this little town!

Friday, June 5

another lovely day

I have 2 before and afters today that I'm really excited about. the first is a rocker that I've been looking forward to refinishing for a least a month and it's so great to see it done!


I've been told rockers like this are from sears at the turn of the century.... not so bad for 100 years old!

the fabric is from an ikea table runner.

project #2
 this is our little patio in april.

two nights ago I added these little benches and I'm in love! I think home depot had those timbers mismarked because this whole project cost me about 10$!

they are perfect with our little picnic table.

Thursday, June 4


it's funny how the projects come in waves- weather I plan it or not.

it's a springtime lamp, eh?

this guy looks so fresh with a new color and a little pattern.

Wednesday, June 3

new love

I am head over heels for this next project! I think the degree of my devotion is making my partner nervous.

I had to try it in our apt..... just to see.....

these are the results of crafting with a friend. such a lovely set!