Friday, May 29


I'm so excited to have Tina of measured with spoons in sticks and bricks. her work is sophisticated and playful- a winning combination!

washers with maps and a resin coating.... so lovely.

figured I'd throw in the latest incarnation of the crate table. I love the whale!

Thursday, May 28

swivel chair

I tried to branch out in my upholstery choice on this next project. I'm always torn between wanting to touch and see the fabric in person vs. getting something fresh online. this time proximity won out and I scooped up this fabric at osgoods.

the floral before...

still needs a little adjusting... but that can wait till this afternoon.

 did I mention this chair swivels? around and around- it's unstoppable!

Wednesday, May 27

back to work...

I hope you all had a great long weekend! while it may seem like I took a very long break, the truth is I've been spending a lot of time not getting anything done. like a hamster in a wheel. I think that streak is done now... (I hope!).... and I have a fun before and after today.

the before... pretty cute already! but there were some places where to veneer was breaking and it needed some repairs.

I want to paint everything green these days!

love these copper knobs now that the paint is off!

Thursday, May 21

extreme makover (without the tears)

the owners of this cutom piece really had some vision!

before: the free executive desk.

I added a cabinet in the middle, put on some doors and sanded the top down.

some paint, the router.... and the transformation is complete! well, almost complete. I just need to make a custom tray for the center slot.

Wednesday, May 20

my current favorite

I officially want to keep this new piece.

ahhhh... i'm in love....

the before.

Monday, May 18


Saturday was an exciting day! Sarah of anselblue studios brought some of her wonderful work into the shop and we spent the whole afternoon resetting displays and drinking iced coffee (with some invaluable help from justin). it was a little slice of heaven!

matted photos... notecard sets.... magnets...

market bags and molly bags and charlotte bags and aprons....

glass beaded jewlery and some small framed photos. thanks Sarah!

Friday, May 15

completed set

this has been a crazy week of projects! lots of things started...but less finished. I did however finish the chair that matches the settee from a few weeks ago.

I love them!

Wednesday, May 13

new window

the shop is busting with new projects and I can't keep up! I should have at least one new thing to share tomorrow (cross your fingers for me!) but for now all I have is the new window display...

it really is a -window- display. har har har

hope you like it!

Monday, May 11

odds and ends

thought I'd share some of the smaller projects I've been working on with y'all today....

luggage tags... did you know you can write on copper with permanent marker and then wipe it off with dry erase board cleaner.... so go ahead and write your address on the back!

new key/ jewlery hooks

and another...

some copper square earrings...

a pair with old keys...

and some with green opal.

have a great Monday!

Friday, May 8

bed springs for wine

I am always so inspired by the playful reuse of old metal. I love the garden sculptures people make, and I have a small collection of scrap that I can't bear to see recycled. I'm always waiting for that flash of inspiration that will make it useful again. that's what makes this project especially fun for me.

this wine rack is quite an ecclectic mix. the springs are from an old bed and i coiled them through some copper plumbing pipe.

the base is an old shoe shine stand, and the topper an old door knob. now for some wine...

Wednesday, May 6

blue trunk (part 1)

even when I've done a particular technique a number of times, a new piece can surprise me.....

that happened with this trunk. first some sanding, then some yellow, then some carving, then some blue.... the final patina has this oxidized look that I did not expect-but I think it looks fantastic.

and the before.....

Tuesday, May 5

little things

I had to do another piece with this finish and design- I just didn't get enough time with the other one!

an 'ode to the new yorker' plant stand.

a pic of some flowers from my aunts garden. thanks diane! they are beautiful!

Monday, May 4

little cabinet

maybe for over the stove, or in the bathroom, or for keys by the door....

before- must have been an old drawer to something..

love that blue!