Friday, January 30

quick round up

our family is about to leave for a fabulous tropical vacation with my mother in law so please forgive if parts of my post don't make sense! my mind is elsewhere...
but before i head out to the land of drinks by the shore, i wanted to give a glimpse of what's been happening at s&b.
my biz cards....i love the handmade look, but my hand doesn't. i think this may be the last batch before i take the plunge to a printer. although we can't forget that it's almost impossible to tear me away from my shop....  which includes the quick walk to the copy shop.... so another hand made batch isn't entirely out of the realm of possibility!

what i look at all day from my studio.... not so bad.

some booty from the ice storm! the original camo.

i paid 10$ for this and as i was loading it into my car someone said- you paid too much for that. but did i?

not quite finished- but well on it's way! 

victorian couch frame. this sat in my shop for a couple of weeks before i worked on it. it was such an intimidating project!

but once i got started i couldn't stop!

the finished product- the hardest part was not moving it into our apartment when it was done!

a new piece from nate! finally some furniture diversity in s&b!! it's hard to photograph but that's actually a pale blue. something about the shop eats shades of white/ grey. it's a constant source of discussion.

stunning trunk from nate. come in person to see the sweet upholstery in the drawer!

bedside tables.... these two are a real mystery. they are not an exact match (which i LOVE about them) and yet have some very particular features in common- like vents in the back and bottom!!? any idea's? 

i'm so glad these are going to friends so i don't have to say goodbye!

sweet custom bench. i love upholstery buttons- and i also hate them. they are the perfect finishing touch- the kind that takes hours longer than you anticipate and injures you in the process. the sacrifices i make for beauty.....

Friday, January 23

excuses part 2 (or- excuses, excuses)

more work from last week (and a little from last night...)

accck! i love this table and it sold before it even made it onto the sales floor! 

i'll just have to make another right away!

before of a 4$ flea market table

after lots of wood glue, elbow grease and resin- tada!

new influx of door knob coat hooks. my most popular item so far......

i made 4. one sold before i could photograph and another is promised to someone. it's a good feeling of yea! and yikes! all rolled into one.

before of a lovely but wobbly table.

and the after..... so leggy!

Thursday, January 22


how would you like to read a blog full of excuses for why i didn't blog last week? 
thats what i thought... so we can just pretend there hasn't been a large gap between postings, ok?
custom job, i wish i had a taken a before... but either way i'm loving the finished product.

this table is as close to a water fountain as any piece of furniture i've ever seen.


custom refinishing job for some old friends...

a close of up of the interior of the cabinet. the copper lining was their idea and i  think it came out great! i tried to bring the copper outside with additional nails on the top and front.

before of sideboard. the flash in this photo gives the deceptive impression that the woodwork was in good condition. in reality the veneer was peeling and it was pretty beat up.

the black was a custom request, and i think the finished product is very classy!

new diamond pillow. the back is the same deliciously soft green fabric of the diamond.

before of desk chair.

and the after. i know i've done this style chair before, but i just love the look of the wood grain in the letters. yum.

Sunday, January 11

snow day.... take 52

 this has been the week of custom jobs. 4 projects are waiting for me downstairs..... with a deadline!!! it's almost like having a boss! i'm actually pretty excited about all of them. and the thrill of working in my own shop has not totally worn off yet. i can easily imagine trying to do this work for someone out of my car in their garage. it's hard to believe i ever did that!

new years flowers- they seem to glow up against that blue! i had to include them.

saddle seat. although it might also be a nice plant stand. i love the little copper nails.

letter chair made to go with letter desk (posted dec 3rd)

more winter lace......

Wednesday, January 7

tables and art

always new things... maybe if i close for a week the shop might start to feel full? it certainly won't happen if i spend another day organizing the shop like i did today! but it REALLY needed to happen. i like to organize, but i like to fix up furniture more.... so you can guess what always gets done- and what never gets done. here's what i did while the shop was a mess.

before of little table


and more after.

another before of another little table.

and after. 

new jewels..

before of a serious piece of furniture.

and the after of a less serious piece of furniture!

new small prints by andy grant.

on of andy's photos creatively displayed in an old window.

new cake plate

new appetizer plate.

Tuesday, January 6

lots of tables!

well, only 2 tables in this post, but so so many waiting for me in the shop. almost too many. what to do? i need some new color inspiration in my life! any favorite colors you'd like to share with me? please?

the window display at night. i temporarily changed the light fixture since the last one almost electrocuted me. i figured time to unplug it after that. also the wire was broken and it didn't work anymore so i kind of had to unplug it. but lets just say that it was all about safety, ok?

new side table. i really love this little piece! the bottom shelf would be perfect for books all lined up together.....

technically not a table, but it would be perfect for someone with a lowish bed and a lot of surface needs. i have an old childs desk as my end table and i love it! especially the shallow drawer for my journal and other sentimental things.