Wednesday, September 19

frame it

so i finally did something with one of the frames A and i got a week ago. i really loved them just as they were- straight from the dump- but they were pooping paint and junk all over. not gonna work. so i decided to scrape everything loose and see where that left me. almost all the paint came off on one side, but that left the frame looking uneven. i got out a heavy grit sandpaper- probably about 50- and sanded down the other three sides to give the frame a more evenly distressed look.

now i had the frame. but what to do with it....

i didn't want to get glass and some fancy art for this thing for a couple of reasons- one, i'm cheap, and we don't have money to buy nice art and two i thought glass would take away from the 'found' feeling the frame has. so, thanks to design*sponge i've been thinking about framing paper a lot lately, and this seemed like a perfect opportunity to do something like that. i love the greens in this fabric, and the pattern has a calm sensual quality that i love for our bedroom. i cut it to size and used thumb tacks on the back to pull it tight. i added eyes to the back on both sides, and ran wire across so i could hang it.

voila. the faux wood i detest is a little less visible now. but i can't help but fantasize about how nice this would look on a PAINTED wall. ....

Friday, September 14

hello friends and family of lindsay franke and mary white!

hello friends and family of lindsay franke and mary white!

the time is getting near for lindsay and mary's wedding! woohoo! being locally conscious consumers, the girls have registered here at sticks and bricks for some custom furniture. we will be building them a bar/wine storage unit as well as a pair of nightstands. these will both be pieces they will have long into their lives together!

below you can see examples of the work we do here and some of the pieces that will be inspiring the design of the work we do for the ladies.

if you would like to purchase one of these pieces, please email liz at or justin at or call the shop at 413-586-1560 tuesday thru sunday between 12-5. if you would like to contribute towards one or the other, that also will work. we will keep track and anonymously update the site up until the big day!

~bar/wine storage unit $600

~nightstands $250

Thursday, September 13

hello family and friends of janelle bloss and charly murphy!

help them buy the hat tree ('cause you know charly loves her hats) and coffee table of their dreams!
they'll get to pick the color and style on a one of a kind piece of furniture and you can buy it for them!
the pictures below are examples of some similar pieces i've done before so you can get an idea of what we do here.
if you decide you'd like buy to something for them, you can email me at or you can call the store at 413-586-1560 wed-saturday between 12 and 5. if you'd like to make contribution to a piece, but not purchase the whole thing, that is fine & i will post as they get closer to their final goal. (anonymously until the wedding of course- i don't want to give anything away!)

a hat/ coat tree is 290$ SOLD!

a coffee table is often around 350$ but depends on the style and materials used. (any remainder will be available as store credit for the happy newlyweds!) - SOLD!

Wednesday, September 12

junk love

i had a glorius day today. i actually had permission to shop for old stuff to renovate. sigh. and i got to go dump shopping. well not exactly a dump, but you wouldn't be able to tell the difference if you passed it on the street. the place i went is in springfield, mass and you really need to bring a flashlight and watch out for forklifts racing by. i mean it, they should probably give you an orange reflective jacket when you go out in the yard. i got two old picture frames that are so wabi sabi (read: trashed). you have to negotiate a price with the yard manager, and we ended up paying 10$ for both. i've been wanting to cover our hideous faux wood paneling with big framed pieces of fabric so i'm really excited.

like some people dream of winning the lotto, i dream of getting an amherst dump pass.