Monday, March 30

Plank table

It's a rainy double feature kind of day. Why have I been cursed with responsibilities!? Here's my newest table experiment. It was loosly inspired by some tables I saw a while back in portland, OR made from reclaimed painted floorboards by ReFind furniture

I wanted something playful that wasn't going to be overbearing- any table of mine needs to be a showcase for fresh flowers!

The poplar is so beautiful I wanted to highlight the grain instead of obscuring it.

before the stain and white wash was added- still a good looking table.

Friday, March 27

Birds on a wire

La la la spring is here! Today was devoted to making a 'shrine to spring' window display. Thanks to design*sponge and spool for the inspiration!

tweet tweet.

The bench from yesterday with all the nails 'intact' (har har har)

Thursday, March 26

Hedboard bench

today's piece was made from a headboard that was bound for the dumpster. Good thing I got there when I did!

The giant bench!

Once upon a time this headboard was unwanted.

But wait! A whole new life is possible.

1/2" plywood cut to mirror the headboard.

3" foam- expertly cut.

Nail that fabric!

But is it still waiting for some upholstery buttons?

Monday, March 23


Today I was lucky enough to work with a very dear friend. It was a dream- chating about ex's, painting, and drinking grown up juice boxes. What's that you say- grown up juice boxes?

Pocket espresso. Have you ever heard of anything more brilliant!?* She brought them back from italy and they were perfect after lunch. Tomorrow I'll post a picture of her new orange kitchen, but today I have a sweet little chair before and after.

*gross? maybe, but they were so chocolaty and caffeine is so important.....

Before- that's light brown paint and it wasn't doin it for me.

That's better.

Thursday, March 19

2 bf&a

you'd think the spring would inspire me to go with bold bright colors, big designs... and yet i'm still painting winter silhouettes  with grey and white. what does that say about me?!

i do love these little bedside tables. (they're fraternal) 

one of the shocking befores

and the other...

Wednesday, March 18


Here they are! Step by step instructions so you make your very own carving on a piece of furniture. This project does involve Power Tools, but I think you can handle it.

The first step... Choosing the before.

I spray painted the hardware 'seaside green' (rustoleaum) to match the paper going in the drawers. Then I drew the design right on the furniture with a sharpie. If you don't plan on painting the piece you may want to use pencil, but it's important that whatever you draw with is very visible. You'll apreciate it when you're using the router.

I used a quarter inch bit in my router set at a depth of 1/16th. A small depth makes a big impact on your furniture- it's a good idea to test it out on a piece of scrap wood.

I carefully traced my lines, but a little squiggle adds a nice detail when you're drawing foliage.

Once I've traced the lines I finish cutting the middle out- using the same bit.

Use a bit of sandpaper to smooth out any uneveness left by the router.

I stained the parts I cut out to bring out the grain and darken the wood a bit. Whatever finish you plan on using in the cutouts, now is the time to do it. It's much easier to take 'accidental' paint or stain off the flat surface before you've finished it.


I sanded the old finish lightly so the new paint would stick. Then I brushed on two coats of latex acrylic paint.

I lined the drawers with the paper that was my inspiration for the design and the color of the handles (a linda barker wallpaper).

VoilĂ ! Finished- happy crafting!

Monday, March 16

lisa orsted

today's post is devoted to this lovely and talented lady. i've lured her to my shop innumerable times to ask her advice and opinions on various artistic endeavors.  then i lock the doors and hold her captive for the rest of the evening! ok, that's no entirely true, but i do make her tasty adult beverages to.... 'help' her forget all her responsibilities and while away the evening. applications accepted daily.

lisa uses vintage ad's and comic books to create interesting collage, and then paints over the images... nice, eh?

one of her softer pieces.

i love that there's so much to look at. every time you see something new.

of course i love when someone uses an old door in their work and lisa is no exception!

for now, lisa doesn't have a place to view her work online- but she does have pieces available at sticks and bricks!

Thursday, March 12

woo hoo!

thanks so much grace for featuring me on your FANTASTIC blog design*sponge!  i'm a huge fan, so it goes without saying that this was a big honor!

in between whooping and cheering, i was having fun with woodcuts and letter stickers today in the shop. i'm having a hard time choosing a favorite...

(these are coasters)

a bit preschool- but fun all the same!


And ok with it! (sometimes)

I love these letter pieces. As soon as one sells I have to make a new one for the shop.

A few custom crate tables. In one day I had three different people request two of these for bedside tables! must have been something in the air......,

The front opens to reveal a hidden shelf- I love a good secret.

Wednesday, March 11


it's grey and rainy and i love it! spring is coming! soon, i'll be keeping the shop doors open, and getting a breeze in to whoosh all the dust around. it's gonna be good!
i've been keeping busy working on custom projects and here is the first of them. this desk had so much charm from the beginning- it just need a little love.

before- rough, but sturdy

it feels like spring!

yes, yes i do love grey and yellow together! how nice of you to notice!

Wednesday, March 4

Ice chest?

One of the best things about old furniture can also be the most curious.... What was this thing meant for?! This new piece is a great example- little holes and big gaps- wha? so for now I'll call it an old ice
chest even though I'm probably wrong- a familiar decision!

Before- cute but VERY rustic.

I tried to highlight the geometric lines to curb the country look....

The number 9 might be my favorite addition to this piece...

Monday, March 2


Mobil posting!? Could it be true?



door desk

it's march. we just got 8 inches (at least) of snow. damn you new england!

the door cut in half.....

preparing for legs....

ready for use!