Wednesday, March 30

spice racks!

inspired by matthew's custom spice rack, last weekend i went crazy making more!

i took all the various parts from chairs, table legs, cool wood scraps and architectural details we had been saving up. form meets function here (if not for your spices then for all those cool little tchotchkes you have hanging about!)

this one is so sweet with a little drawer! hmmm....time to rethink the kitchen design so i can bring one home!


Molly said...

They're all so great! I want them all!!! I wish I had more space - I'd fill an entire kitchen wall with them.

Katy said...

I LOVE these.

desha peacock said...

I love your store and wrote about it on my blog~


desha peacock said...

glad you liked the post on your store. I am a big fan and want others to know about it!