Friday, July 30

best coffee table ever.

i was in love with this metal base from the start.

after adding some italian walnut (?) from a discarded table leaf and refinishing the base....

i think this love is going to last.

Thursday, July 29

tin chest and table

we gave this table some reclaimed maple legs from an old pallet,

and some fun colors.

this tin chest was in great condition. we just cleaned it up, added some handles and painted the inside.

i kind of love the idea of using it for blankets in a bedroom- so unexpected. of course it would also be perfect cold beverage storage for a party.

Wednesday, July 28

chalkboards & tin table

this refinish was inspired by my recent trip to brimfield (i was in heaven) i've done tops with galvanized tin before- but having an exposed seam takes it to a whole new level for me! i refinished the rest of the table with a little stain, sanding and furniture wax.

a while back i got a group of old paintings at the auction (and they've been used here and here)

but we painted the frames fab bold colors, and made chalkboards with masonite (the drawing is curtesy of my daughter- an aspiring fashion designer)
hope you enjoy!

Monday, July 26

dressing table

i scooped up this dressing table last week that just needed a little lovin'.

i opted to go a bit classic on this piece, pairing it with a lonely chair we had hanging on the back and going with an olive green. the mirror on this piece is spectacular!

as i was painting, i realized the color is very close to the color my grandmother used once in the 70's. one day she decided she was sick of her dining room set, so she painted the whole thing. she loved it, but i've always wondered what the mahogany set looked like in it's glory. maybe that's where i get the redo gene from?

i love the way these two patterns play off of each other. now it's ready to find a new home!


Wednesday, July 21

hat tree

on this next custom job my assignment was to make hooks for as many hats as possible.

since the typical design doesn't have many hook options, i turned an old coat tree upside down, attached the broken feet to the top & cut new pieces to mirror the pattern. then i made a new base with an old headboard and porch post top.

25 places for hats- mission accomplished!

Tuesday, July 20

shelf love

last week i was looking around for some wood for another project when the pieces for this shelf appeared like a puzzle that was already put together!

i just love that little bit there where the old hinge used to be.

and of course, you can't make just one of something. i am a collector of things (who would have thunk it right?) and this shelf would be a great display for little treasures....hmmm....

that red board has been kicking around the shop for a bit now and those pieces of reclaimed chestnut even longer. sometimes you may not know why you are saving something, and when you use it, it is so gratifying!

Wednesday, July 14

blue dresser

yay for bright blue,

carved roses,

and crazy knobs! (another drawer repair with an old painting)

Thursday, July 8

arts night out: scout cuomo

it's hard to believe that it is already the second week of july! this month for arts night out we are featuring the fantastic work of scout cuomo!

scout was inspired by the bird life at a nature preserve in our area call the arcadia wildlife sanctuary.

her paintings are quite stunning in person. please join us this friday, july 9th to catch a glimpse of this great series and schmooze with the artist!

Friday, July 2

plumber love fountain

i have been imagining a fountain like this for a very long time....

when this great enamel tub appeared at the auction i knew it was time. many hours later.... it all came together!
if only you could hear it's tinkle ;)