Friday, January 29

a few things

a shot from inside during the beautiful snow yesterday.

a fabulously updated brass chandelier by justin brown. i wish i had a before but i'm sure you can picture the glass sconces and the shiny brass....

a custom cabinet for some friends. meant for the bathroom but a box like this could really be practical in so many places.

Thursday, January 28

dressing table

sometimes wood is just too pretty to be painted.

this vanity was one of those times.

some of the veneer was damaged & inspired a bit of paint to match the color on the chair- which had been painted many many times by previous owners.

pretty & sweet.

Tuesday, January 26

coat tree #2

urban hooks and anthro knobs,

bed post and plant stand,

add turquoise paint and it's done!

Friday, January 22

parlor chairs

projects certainly come in groups.

which worked out perfectly in this case.

right after insisting i would not bid on any chairs or upholstery, we walked into the action and saw these.... what was i supposed to do?!

justin had already thought of a fabric/ paint combination that i didn't use on the other chair.

aren't they perfect?!

Thursday, January 21

table love

i love this table, i love these letters, i love the birch branches, i love the copper and so, i love this window display.

the table alone. i mean come-on.
this is a consignment piece that needed some fixing up, but had perfect bones. i've been trying to imagine how i could somehow make this table work in our apt even though it's as big as our dining table.....

then i go to restoration hardware in boston and see the exact same table for twice the price. it is safe to say my desire was not diminished.

just wanted to share the throne in afternoon light.

Wednesday, January 20

fancy chair

this chair could almost be called a throne.

all the upholstery needed to be replaced and the springs retied.

a lot of work, but boy is it comfy!

Friday, January 15

pallet table and u

i love this u. or n. love it.

this is a coffee table made from an old pallet- so fun, right? the design was a collaboration between the pallets owner and myself & was beautifully executed by chris karney (my brother).

we used a wax finish with a top coat of water based poly to preserve it's natural pallet patina.

and we have a facebook page now so you can get updates about new blog postings and other goings on. you can become a fan here.

hope you have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 14

coat tree

this coat tree is an eclectic creation.

freshly painted hooks from urban outfitters.

repurposed butter knives & old porch brackets.

all added to the corner post from a bed frame. eclectic indeed!

Tuesday, January 12

more roses

this roses carving is turning out to be a majah playa this season.

the table has such great lines and color- i almost didn't do anything to it.

but in the end, i couldn't resist the roses.

Friday, January 8

funky bookshelf and lisa o!

this next custom job is a great re-imagining of an old embroidery table.

the owner brought in this fabulous antique, and we worked together to come up with this nifty way to retain it's original shape and also give a it a practical function in her home. i love.

i hate to brag, but i get to look at all these great lisa orsted paintings everyday right now. at least until someone buys them.

the way she captures the light.... mmmmmm!

Thursday, January 7

tree hutch

if ever a hutch looked like a tree...

this is definitely one!

i replaced the broken drawer front & made a new door with this lovely poplar. some anthro knobs and it's done.

Tuesday, January 5

window hutch

happy new year y'all! hope your holidays were playful & restorative. giant jenga anyone?

this is a custom piece that i've completely fallen in love with. someday i'll definitely be making one for my own home.

the coloring and knobs are playful but still neutral- it will be a great showcase for all her dining displayables.

these two pulls turned sideways is one of my favorite parts- like a little bow.