Friday, November 19

white hutch

this little hutch was cute from the beginning..

i sanded it down, fixed the sticky door, and carved some seed pod's into the door.

oh, and added this key latch.

i can think of so many things this cabinet would be perfect for....

Thursday, November 18

lazy susan (maybe i should change my name...)

so much for my big posting commitment! you'd think i know myself better by now....

this next piece has me thinking about thanksgiving next week.

i cut this pattern out of an old headboard ages ago for a project that ended up going in a different direction. it's been waiting for it's true purpose, and when i got this old busted lazy susan it found a home. the cut out corners inspire lots of spinning.... perfect for table top taco night.

it's finished with an excerpt from pablo neruda's 'great tablecloths'. let's eat!

Friday, November 12

telephone stand

i think all of my grandparents had one of these old telephone stands in their kitchens with a big old rotary phone sitting on top. when i scooped this up, i immediately thought it needed a little fun to bring it into this century!

a little flower decoupage and a great charcoal grey and voila, just like new!

Thursday, November 11

yeats wine rack

this sweet little wine rack was a fun little redo!

a lovely avocado green and a splash of copper.

and of course, it was screaming for a poem! a little yeats did just the trick.

Wednesday, November 10

arts night out: ina iansiti

this months arts night out we are featuring the work of fantastic local artist and our friend ina iansiti. a body of work she calls selfobject.

in the words of ina:

i am fascinated by the creation and representation of self in life and in art. in this series of self portraits, i use the traditional media of pastels and paints, combined with fabric and found objects, to explore a process that feels at times somewhat narcissistic. i am seduced by the lure of beauty, finding the distinction between being a beautiful object and creating a beautiful object. i am often self-consciously aware of the struggle between prettifying my image and using an exaggerated ugliness to create a representation of myself that feels in some sense authentic.

stop by this friday november 12th from 5-8 to see this show for yourself. certainly one not to miss!

Tuesday, November 9

grey roses armoire

this armoire was screaming for one of liz's carvings!

she went with the roses pattern over a warm grey paint job.

we cleaned up the inside. it's a gorgeous cedar closet in near perfect condition. yummy!

Friday, November 5

green dresser/armoire

dear readers! we are so sorry this week skipped by without a post again. if you could only see the craziness happening on our little workshop! today's redo is a sweet little dresser/armoire combo.

this green color is a new one we picked up recently and it's perfect here on this piece. there was some repair to be done on the drawers and a little loving here and there. i decided to stick with the original hardware as i like the juxtaposition of the classic against the color.

it's completed with a bit of alien monster paper for lining!

we have lots of new stuff to share next week. do stay tuned!