Wednesday, October 29

chilly days

it's getting so cold out there! maybe someday the windows in my shop will be replaced and i'll be able to turn the heat on without watching it literally roll out the window. anyhoo... i think i may have lost some of the  great before and afters from last weekend (i haven't lost all faith yet...) but i do have a couple of other things.
an old secretary style chair with some new fabric and a little paint. these old chairs are so easy to make new. plus i love the industrial style.

i love what a little piping can do.. so sharp. they make me wish i had nice smooth floors i could slide around on.

i missed the before pic on this one- don't ask, i don't have a good excuse- but it was that traditional 70's style brown with thick poly and big brass hardware. the shiny black paint made me rethink selling it! i love it. 
why yes,  that is grey milk paint! proof that my love is enduring.
this is the final product of  the post a week or so ago. i love how it came out but painting those lines was not as easy as i expected. good thing i don't mind a slow project every once in a while.

Monday, October 27

technical difficulties

i'm having some computer difficulty, so it may be a few more days before there are new photos, but there has been some really GREAT stuff happening! a new couch from an old bed frame, some new end-tables and a before and after of  a living room with and without a beautiful french door. by the end of the week- i promise!

Friday, October 17

plugging away

here's a quick glimpse into sticks and bricks this week...

still in progress, but i'm loving the colors!
the space... slowly shaping up
i picked up these old letters at a flea market. i'm not sure what i'll do with them yet- they're really heavy!- so for now we're enjoying them on the windowsill.

this project is still in process, but it's very exciting for me! it's a takeoff from an idea in ms's living magazine- it's a sewing station!  woo hoo!

there is still lots of room for fabric and thread and all sorts of wonderful organization!

Sunday, October 12

another week of projects

it was a busy week! i'm slowly plugging away at the new space. i'm hoping my posts will be a bit more regular once i have a good work station for my computer. for now i'll consider once a week acceptable.

our new kitchen table.... a couple of reclaimed 2x6's and some rough cut hemlock from lashways.
oh la la! this bookcase.... well i just wish i took a before pic. i almost didn't take it- that's how gross it was. but i'm loving this wallpaper from graham & brown and the grey milk paint is a new favorite.
this is the before pic. these chairs sat in our basement for so long! i hated them! but when i realized i could cover the wicker... well it was a whole new ball game.

Friday, October 3

sticks and bricks from the outside
and in..

it's happening!

so it's been a year since my first/ last post. hahaha i'm going to get more serious about this thing. sticks and bricks is about a month away from opening.... wwaaaahhhaaaa! here are some of the things i've been working on in the shop.

this is actually in our home, but i wanted to share...