Tuesday, December 22

door knob hook

i got an old double bed frame a bit back. since no one seems to use double beds these days i thought i could make a bunch of great stuff with the disassembled pieces. this is the first finished project- i love it!

Monday, December 21

green dresser

new custom dresser...

somehow this image rotated after i took it. maybe someday i'll take some classes in basic computer graphics.... it would be nice to know what i'm doing.

the before.

Friday, December 18

horseshoe trivets

they passed the endurance test!

i keeping one of these for myself, and i'm giving at least one as a gift- so fun!

Wednesday, December 16

Friday, December 11

and chairs

still working on these chairs.... 3 more with stripes... or 2 more damask and 1 more stripe... hmmm......

horseshoe trivets! this is an experiment- the paper is under a layer of epoxy, but how will it hold up to the heat? i'm going to wait for it to cure fully, and then use it for my tea pot....

have a great weekend.

Thursday, December 10

farm table- with leaf!

a smaller version of my first farm table- this one gets to hang in my shop for a while. yippee!

the reclaimed pine.

the table that was cannibalized for the leaf apparatus and legs. (the top was partical board with plastic laminate.... one of the few materials i take to the dump!)

the top has a wax finish, but is still waiting for the final coats.

where the table breaks for the leaf- adding another 24 inches.

Tuesday, December 8

holiday hours

woooooo the holidays are here!
things i love about this season: dark nights and snow feel cozy and romantic. giving and receiving thoughtful handmade gifts. little lights all over town. my new holiday window display put together by the talented justin brown!
and finally, i love the new the new sticks and bricks holiday hours!

come visit us on wed 12-5, thurs 12-8, fri 12-5, sat 11-6 and sun 12-5
buy handmade one of a kind gifts. mmm mmm good!

oh, and what i don't like about this season? deadlines!!

Friday, December 4

fancy knobs

i love fancy knobs & i love wood scraps.

put together and they're the perfect place for your scarves or your ties or your bags or your.... anything!

hope you have a great weekend!

Thursday, December 3

sewing table

i love these old trundle sewing tables. beautiful furniture to house a great machine.

someday i'd like to create a new use for the human motor. perhaps a leg powered desk lamp....

but this time i took the machine out, added a shelf and painted it turquoise. i think it would be a perfect sideboard/ bar.

Wednesday, December 2

dresser set

notice the mirror's reflection....

although hard to see in this before pic, the veneer was coming off in many places- especially the raised decorative parts.

i removed some entirely, repaired others, painted the hardware and voila- a new bedroom set.