Thursday, August 26

copper top cabinet

this retro cabinet needed bit of a face lift when we found it.

we went with a really vibrant blue and gave it a bit of distressing.

we ripped off the old 1970's style linoleum and went with a copper top. we just can't get enough of metal these days!

a little touch of whimsy on the inside with this great paper and it's ready to hold some treasures!

Wednesday, August 25

fall craft classes!

i can't believe i am even talking about fall, but here we are at the end of august! our pals jen and laurie from reclaimed crafts are back with a six week fall workshop.

details: 6 weeks / 6 classes

dates: wednesdays, starting september 15

time: 6:30 - 8:30

price: $150, plus $25 materials fee

projects: decoupage glass and ceramic tile coasters, napkin rings, and hooks/ holders using vintage wooden clothespins. materials include vintage fabric from the 50s-80s, reclaimed tiles, vintage maps, reclaimed barn wood and beadboard, reclaimed assorted papers, and possibly more.

how to sign-up: email jen at to reserve your spot and for more details.

Friday, August 20

green dresser

please forgive this upside down before pic- if you saw how small my workshop is though, you'd understand ;)

i am really loving this green right now. mmmmm mmm.

i'm glad we get a week to enjoy before this custom job is picked up.

Monday, August 16

sweet table and chair set

i scored the above table and pair of chairs from a couple of close friends who were cleaning out a barn on their property. oh the treasures!

the fabric inspired the color choices here. i went to the fabric store looking for a bold and bright floral but of course was drawn to this one - not so bright but still bold!

these chairs actually belonged to a my friend's mother so i was thrilled to get the chance to bring them back to life.
sweet set for a small space!

Thursday, August 12

crate table

before liz left for summer vacation, she was furiously working to complete this piece. when we got it, we were told that it is a rather sought after piece of mid-century design - if it were in its original condition that is!

liz worked her magic and turned it into this fantastic crate table!

not only is it on wheels, but the sides fold down!

close up!

Wednesday, August 11

arts night out: mia cabana and oliver scott snure: ex libris

we are very excited about this months arts night out opening here! our friends mia cabana and oliver scott snure create these truly magical sculptures out of books and found objects.

from the artists:

ex libris is literally translated from latin as “from the books.” books take on a life of their own when cut silhouettes and illustrations pop out of the pages to interact with 3-dimensional elements such as dollhouse furniture and vintage treasures. these miniature worlds, a collaboration between mia and oliver, are captured by oliver’s photography. books in this exhibit are primarily sourced from public library discards, giving what may become waste new form.

stop by this friday, august 13th from 5-8 to see the exhibit and mingle with us and the artists!

Tuesday, August 10

blue tin table

this great table came to us in some serious need of a makeover! (and yes - the before picture escaped us yet again!) it is likely it had some version of an enamel top originally, but when we found it, it was covered in 1970's linoleum. oh the horror!

we decided the best treatment would be to bring back the old tin top with a modern twist. add to that this fantastic blue and voila - what fun!


Friday, August 6

mod sideboard

i scooped up this sideboard last week. i had an idea to make this old fashion piece beam into the next century.

i went with a simple three color palette and did some striping, while leaving some of the natural wood exposed. my favorite part is the lone green leg!

in this shot, you can see the third stripe more clearly, running along both sides and along the top.

delicious if i do say so myself !


Wednesday, August 4

solid maple.

and by solid, i mean like 150lbs.

this top had been in a basement for some time and was needing some love. i pulled out the old wood pegs (note 3 holes) so i could tighten the bolts that hold the boards together, sanded the top and used a bit of wax and poly to finish the surface.

then i used 1/2" black iron pipe to make very sturdy legs for this hefty top & left the peg holes open for the final look. now for some coffee.