Thursday, March 24

crib table

i love to think of us 'using all the parts of the animal' (you may have heard me say that before ;) )

a couple years ago i got an old metal crib at the auction for no particular reason. aka- i fell in love with it. i used the head and foot boards in my garden, a side rail for display in my shop, and another side rail for magazines in the roost. the mattress base was the final piece so when justin realized this glass we had fit so well on top we had to turn it into a table.

mike from bca added the angle iron legs for us and it's ready for your crib (i couldn't resist).

1 comment:

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

He's grand!... I love it.
You know how it knew it was a boy? The glass is blue around the egdes...
I think it would be so sweet to place photos in the springs under the glass!