Tuesday, March 2

spring dresser

while it's not technically spring here in new england, a bit of warm weather has me dreaming of our patio. digging in the dirt, adult drinks and outdoor games. sigh.... i'm ready!

this maple dresser was fabulous before it got the s&b treatment. with spring in the air- or at least in my mind- adding a vine with these bright flowers was almost the only option we considered

i like the asymmetry of the different knobs, but i think i may get some more large flowers just to see....

these knobs are kind of fantastic as well- but alas i can not get another and i only have 9.... i think in the end it will be the buyers choice.


stacey said...

Oh Liz! I loooooooove it.

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

ok call me crazy, but I love the unexpected whimsy of the 'LONE' wooden knob!

if I were the customer, as cute as the dresser is w/blue flowers...I'd go for the second...all because of the LONE knob!


Soon, Then said...

Now that is gorgeous! Love it! ps, I started sanding my first piece of furniture this weekend! So exciting for me!

carpenter ant said...

yay briana! i bet it's going to be beautiful!

and i like the lone knob as well- sometimes it's so hard to choose!