Friday, March 12

green *dresser*

the lighting in this next piece is not the best....

but i forgot i hadn't taken pictures minutes before the owner arrived to pick it up- lucky girl! the candlesticks on top are a new consignment item made from old balusters- they are fantastic in person.

detail of the carving.

i had nothing to do with this fantastic paint job, but i love it so much, i had to share. head over to the haystack needle to see more fantastic ideas.


Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

What a darling dresser!
Love the style *art deco
Love the color! *my favorite
Love the carved flowers- they look like dandelions!

I can't believe you sold my dresser! LOL...

if that were dandelions and I were making a wish...I'd wish that dresser were coming to my house!

Soon, Then said...

Those stairs are awesome!

Anonymous said...

The them....smiels.

carpenter ant said...

sorry i sold your dresser ;)

glad you guys like the stairs!