Friday, February 26

tree cabinet

newest tree carving- woooo! these photos shows the cabinet before it got one more coat of black paint.

look at all that hidden storage! i'm jealous.

a mid process pic- if you look closely you can see the beginning pencil sketches of the tree carving.


terrapin said...


Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...


I love the contrast. Great piece.

You should show these on Miss Mustard Seed's (furniture feature friday) know link up. You'd get a lot of traffic, and get word out about your blog.
Who knows maybe you have at some point? I don't remember how I came across your blog...but you do fantastic work!

Lesley Todd said...

That is stunning! I see someone else has already said that but that is the word that popped straight into my head when I first saw it. All your work recently has been amazing. I love love LOVE the tree design. Oh why can't you be in the UK???!!!! I would buy all my pieces from you :-)

Nori said...

i love the whole tree thing you've got going on on this hutch and on the office chair!!! omgoodness!!!

carpenter ant said...

thanks guys!

Unknown said...