Friday, March 19


these next chairs are for me! yay!

i picked up 4 chairs and a table at the action and spent forever trying to decide how to recover them. but in the end, how could i say no to vinyl alligator skin!?

now who's ready for breakfast brunch and evening games of ligretto?

these antlers were brought in by a customer and she asked me to turn them into dresser handles.
i LOVE them. now i just need to get some of my own....
hope you have a great weekend!


Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Love the green on those chairs!

I love green.
The antler handles sound interesting.
Where would you get antlers?
Do you hunt?
just kidding.
I'm sure they could be found thriftin' and junkin'

have fun with your patio set!

carpenter ant said...

thanks- i love the green too!

the antlers were brought in by a customer- but i hear you can find them in the woods if you look around enough! and of course, thriftin' and junkin'!