Thursday, March 18

it's spring!

hi readers! justin here with a few projects i did this week. spring has sprung and we are feeling extra creative here at sticks and bricks.

i love old wooden spools and have amassed quite the collection over the years. just a few repurposed here as an adorable coat hook.

pair of lovely little yellow candleholders.

so this bench was made from scratch. my first attempt at building a piece of furniture out of nothing! i love it so much i think it might just have to stay in my personal collection for a while before i part with it!

it was made from an old piece of pallet (i think!) i pulled out of a warehouse i used to work at years ago thinking i'd do something with it and here it is! so exciting!

1 comment:

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...


love your work.

I really like the thread spool coat hooks
and the pallet so cool!

It looks so versatile - could be county,could be industrial, could be ...just the thing!