Friday, February 12

kitchen cart

one of the last upgrades from the science auction...

it's been newly outfitted with birch plywood& is ready to roll in someone's kitchen.

when i first got him, he had some heavy fiber boards that i took off before the picture. followed by lots of sanding, and a bit of spray paint to clean up.

the poppy's were carved out with a router, i added some colorful paper with mod-podge, filled the void with epoxy, and covered the whole thing with poly. you can expect to see this style again- i think it came out fantastic!


Broche Fabian said...

Hi Liz!

I've awarded you the Prolific Blogger Award here:

I love both your store and your blog - congrats on doing such a wonderful job with both!


mia c said...

LIz, your stuff is always so amazing! Even though you're right around the corner I love seeing your blog posts as much as in person!

Anonymous said...

Very creative smiles.