Monday, February 22


wooooo! a little s&b blurb in the hampshire gazette. check it out.


Soon, Then said...

always surprised you don't get more readership. Your blog is one of my favorites, because you are living my dream. I always love to stop by and see your latest project. It inspires me, and I know someday when my kids are a bit more grown I will have a chance to follow my dreams! Thanks for always sharing your artistry. It feed me!

carpenter ant said...

thank you so much briana!! i can't tell you how much i appreciate hearing that someone out there is inspired by my little blog! can't wait to hear about your business adventures on your blog in the future... :)

Katherine said...

I've said it before, but I'll echo Briana's sentiment again about living my dream. Way to go.

And congrats on the press & such a cute pic of you too!!! Hope more people find out about your shop & neighborhood.