Tuesday, February 9

new hutch

it's a living room hutch!

salvaged drawers, a chopped up cabinet door, and a sweet cubby give some great hidden storage.

an amazing window salvaged from an old barn.

beautiful poplar body and bookshelves with adjustable height to fit whatever you need.


Jenny said...

Hi - I love reading your blog and seeing the wonderful furniture you make. I have been learning how to make furniture for a few years on my own and I messed up a recent project. Looking at your hutch gave me an idea. May I ask, how did you attach the base to your cabinet? Attaching a 2 inch tall base to the bottom of my 7 foot cabinet would fix my dilemma but I want it to be secure. Any advice you can offer would be appreciated. And thanks for your wonderful blog! - Jenny

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

i just love how each piece is unique.

This could be a very versatile piece of furniture, for an office, nursery, craftspace... or even electronic equipment.

Thanks for showing it. You have such a creative knack, don't you?

carpenter ant said...

thanks pat & jenny!
jenny, this piece was attached with the backer board. it's a thicker 1/4" ply, and the top piece overlaps the bottom. but your case would require something much more substantial since there will be so much more weight on the top. i often see metal brackets used on hutches, maybe something like that could work for you. just be sure it is screwed into some solid places so it doesn't pull apart.