Thursday, April 14

dandy chairs and a swell table

we picked up a bunch of office chairs recently. who knew what we would do with them but we thought we'd give it a try...

and voila! these boring old chairs are transformed into sleek and modern design gems with some graphic black and white prints!

they would make a great dining set to offset something more traditional like this super neat salmon table!

the mechanism on this table is just about the coolest thing ever! you grab either side and the leaf pulls out like a roll top desk. (this is where we wish we had a video for you!)

a detail of the leaf. i hope we can find many more of these! such a great table for a small space.

and here is a chair we pieced together. the old wooden chair's bottom was in rough shape so we cut it off, added some fun color and attached it to one of the office chair bases we picked up. two pieces that needed a new match!


Bailey Phillips said...

I love how you've transformed old chairs into sleek and modern design furniture. The prints are awesome!

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Jack said...

It looks so funky and I love it! I showed this to my wife and she was head over heels for them. Now she wants me to buy stuff like that and put it in our lounge and I like the idea!