Friday, April 15

mud room bench

i forgot to snap that ever so important before picture of this project...mostly because when i got it to the shop, it was in a few different pieces!

you may recognize it as something similar to grandma's old dinning room sideboard! the base was beyond repair so i cut it off entirely. liz thought it was the perfect sized bench. it took some convincing, but i agreed in the end and couldn't be more pleased (thanks partner!). a perfect place for all those shoes and such in your mudroom.

the crackle finish came out so cute on this piece. you never know what will happen when you do this finish and this time i think it's the best attempt yet.


Julie @ followyourheartwoodworking said...

Can you give your secrets on how you do the crackle finish?

burke said...

What colors did you use for base coat and top coat to achieve that copper look?

sticksandbricksjustin said...

hi burke -

for this articular finish, the bench was painted turquoise without sanding the original finish. hen the paint is dry to the touch, but not cured apply a satin polyurethane. the reaction of the original finish and the new finishes causes the crackling and creates a yellowish finish. it is not always as consistent as this, but generally this happens.

suetuna said...

what type of turqouise paint was used? I previously painted my oak table (without sanding) with chalk paint. then applied medium brown wax. can I still make this crackle by repainting again ? and applying satin poly?

Unknown said...

Hi Suetuna! Gosh this project happened a long time ago! I used to share the store with my friend Justin and he's the one who reimagined & painted this fun piece. He has since moved on and opened his own store & I don't think he sees these messages anymore. His store website (with contact info) can be found here =

Have fun & happy creating!