Monday, June 28

just a little lovin'

i was seriously in love when i saw this old bottomless box. i have a weakness for just passing by something with so much character, especially if it is something that can hold something else.

i didn't want to completely change it. i don't think it needed it, so i cut off about two inches all the way around that was completely rotted, retooled the dovetails, put it back together and gave it a coat of wax to keep the original patina as intact as possible.

mmm...i just love this old latch!

since i ended up using a new piece of wood for the bottom, i decided to line it with a piece of an old painting on board. a great idea that liz had :)

the before shot on this doesn't quite exist....because, well i just plain forgot to take it. i really love these three new paint colors we recently picked up and just had to see them together on one project.

sometimes you have this vision in your head and you know it will take a while to execute. this sure did, getting in underneath the chair with three different colors, but well worth the payoff!



Anonymous said...

I LOVE that box! I'm a sucker for things that hold other things too. What kind of wax do you use? I have a chair and some of the paint is chipping off. Would you mind advising me if I shoud use wax or some sort of polyurethane to keep it from shedding any more?

carpenter ant said...

we use all sorts of furniture waxes- right now we have a 'crystal clear carnauba wax' it's a little stinky when it goes on but it's great for protecting the wood without giving it the 'wet look' poly gives it. as far as chipping paint, i don't know of anything to make it stick again. we generally scrape/ sand of any loose paint and then do a top coat of wax or poly depending on the look we want. it helps stop the paint from chipping, but if it's separated from the wood underneath, no top coat is going to stop it from coming off for any length of time. good luck with your project & let us know if you have any other questions!

Anonymous said...

You are always so generous with your knowledge, thank you thank you! I'm going to try the stinky wax. The paint isn't really that bad... we're just rough on furniture around here and I've noticed pieces of paint on the floor once in awhile. I didn't know that there was an alternative to the shiny poly look...thank you thank you!!! ps, LOVE the poem coffee table too!!! All of your things are so creative