Wednesday, June 16

shop face lift

when i first opened s&b i started to paint the exterior only to find the building deteriorating under the paint. overwhelmed by the prospect of trying to paint and refresh rotten wood on a building i didn't own i decided that painting just the door and sign would do. but a year later that old paint just didn't cut it anymore!

now we are fresh faced and ready for business!

is this entryway irresistible or what?

someday i hope to have a sign on the side of the building as well (above my neighbors look sign) but for now this is it.

our new copper hours sign & claw foot tub door stop. i'm a proud mama.


Soon, Then said...

Nice work! Looks lovely!

Anonymous said...

Looks fabulous! smiles

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Love the yellow-- so inviting.
Wish I lived a little bit closer!

carpenter ant said...

thanks y'all!

Anonymous said...

S+B just keeps getting better and better. You're an inspiration!