Thursday, June 10

copper inlay coffee table

the before.

i've been dreaming about copper inlay for a long time..... to make this coffee table i cut out heavy gauge copper sheet, traced the pattern, routered it out, and epoxyed it in. i'd love to learn how to do metal casting, but for now, this method will have to do.


Anonymous said...

liz..... I LOVE THIS! nice work!

Lesley Todd said...

Ooooh! That is stunning!!! Really beautiful!

Soon, Then said...

ambitious! looks nice!

Johanna said...

To be honest, I think this is a lot easier to do than metal casting. You have to have a high-heat torch to melt the copper and then you have to deal with the chemicals that come off of melted copper. I think the way you are doing it is really cute and a quick, safer way too!