Tuesday, November 3

turquoise taxidermy

the house i grew up in was owned by a taxidermist before we lived there. he built an addition for his favorite pieces and left a hawk in the attic for my childhood delight/ torment.

there is also a genetic predisposition i can't ignore.

but without the turquoise paint this was too much, even for me.

rough sawn coffee table with black iron pipe legs. i love knowing my mill man.


Susan said...

I agree 100% about the deer head! It *needed* to be painted, and turquoise seems just quite right.

That table is drool-worthy. How exactly *does* one go about meeting a mill man? :)

carpenter ant said...

thanks susan! we have a couple local-ish lumber yards that cut and mill their own pine. one happens to be very small and it's impossible not to know the one fellow who does everything there. i would ask at a regular lumber yard if they know where one is near you. happy hunting!