Wednesday, November 18

botanical inspiration

on my jog today- with my arms full of seed pods and dead weeds- someone told me i looked like a harbinger of fall. that was much nicer than what they could have called me (i'm not a pretty jogger) with my bed head and pink sweatshirt you could easily think i'm crazy if you saw me.
but i am just in love with the way plants look this time of year. before they are crushed by snow and ice. after all the foliage has fallen.
this is some serious inspiration for the months ahead.


on grange rd. said...

liz... i would love to jog with you... whenever i go jogging i come home with my pockets full of sea glass and rocks and whatever flowers, leaves, twigs, berries i find.



carpenter ant said...

i wish we could jog together too sarah! plus if i was near you we could go on the beach.... sigh.