Friday, November 20

6 chairs

6 chairs for the table- the last two are still waiting to be found.

they needed some tlc.
but refinished with brown leather and liming wax they are quite handsome.

hope you have a great weekend!


Susan said...

That chair is gorgeous. The wood looks like buttery soft leather.

Anonymous said...

liz, it looks did an amazing job!!
I am not surprised..L

Anonymous said...

Wonderful transformation! thank you for sharing...smiles.

carpenter ant said...

thanks guys- the chair is buttery soft susan, and so is the leather. i was sad to see the set go this weekend- luckily it was headed to a home i'll get to visit all the time!

Heather said...

loved that set. i totally want it. where did you find 6 amazing chairs liked that? loved the look of them.